Book REview: Say It Like Obama… by Shel Leanne (part 1)

Hey, it has been long time for me not to write a review about a book, recently, i read an exceptional book entitled “Say It Like Obama”. Frankly, now i still learning to improve my public speaking and interpersonal skills through focusing on my communications intencity with many groups as possible, thats why, while i am waiting for my undergraduate graduations at march 21 2010 in Sasana Budaya at Malang State University.

Lets go forward, why i want to share the content of this alluring book, Obama is the first president of US, he had exceptional result on US elections through Democratic Party in 2008. He is the first coloured skin President who leads US. Here are some tips and trick how Obama utilized his communications and interpersonal skills to gain public attention and affluence.

Effective body language and voice.

Establishing Common Ground

Obama demonstrated his talent as he effortlessly transitioned from discussing biblical truths and linking them these truths to what he believes, creating the sense of strong continuum. With these techniques, Obama successfully broke down barriers and built bridges.

Speaking Audience Concerns: Winning The Heart and Minds.

Obama demonstrated his ability to tap into the prevailing mood, strengthtening the impact of his word by providing details and personalizing his message. He won people by speaking to them directly, almost intimately, and illustrating that their concern were his concern too.

Conveying Vision Through Personalization and Words that Resonate.

Obama employed a wide range of techniques to convey his vision. Vivid language, sybolic words, and personalized ideas were among his tools. His language painted pictures in the minds of listeners. He tied the notion of hope to the experiences of slaves and immigrants and personalize the issue of Iraq War through reference to one particular soldier.

Driving Points Home

Obama also employed an effective range of rhetorical techniques as he drove his central point home. Repetion was primary tool. His repeated references to hope, with carefully constructed sentence structures, underscored theme. Obama’s skillful use of repetition focused attention on key themes, making them more memorable.

Excellent Pesuasion Techniques.

His use of juxtaposition also crystallized the argument that Americans are one people and should move forward with unity: “There’s not liberal America and Conservative America – There’s United States of America.”

Building to a Crescendo an leaving a Strong Last Impession

Obama skillfully varied the rhythim of his words, emphasizing words at key times and amplifying his voice progressively as he built toward a crescendo. He knew how to ride the wave of applause so as not to stall momentum.

Together, these Highly effective communications practices enabled Obama to deliver a masterful speech that greatly accelerated the trajectory of his political career and transformed him into an influential national political figure.

To be continued….


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