Book REview: Say It Like Obama… by Shel Leanne (part 3)

Chapter three

Braking Down The Barriers

How could barrack Obama manage to break down barriers that could have served as insurmountable obstacles to many aspiring leaders?

This chapter explores specific communication practices that have enabled barack Obama to successfully tear down barriers and forge ties to many disparate groups.

Achieving Transedence

There are valuable lessons to be learned as we examine how Obama acknowledges difference but focuses on shared values, dreams, histories, and experiences; and the way he peppers hsi remarks with words that resonate, pulling from a powerful lexicon of political rhetoric, shared principles, biblical truth, and words of celebrated American icons. Below, we explore Obama’s effective communication techniques.

Acknowledging Elephant in The Room: such as using your race, funny name, etc.

Stressing Common Dreams and Values

Drawing Attention To Shared History

Illuminating Share Experience

Employing Words That Resonate

  • The Historical and Political Lexicon
  • Biblical Truth

Leveraging Other People Words

Whar We’ve Learned- Practices for breaking down Barriers

Leaders have much to learn from the way barack Obama breaks down barriers and establishes common ground among diverse sets of people. Obama has shown he can transcend traditional division of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion and religion. He is adept at uniting disparate people, building camaradie and establishing a sense of shared goals. To do this, we have seen the importance of acknowledging “elephants in the room.” Acknowledging potential issues of discomfort helps to ease tension and enables leaders to re-focus attention on areas of common ground. Leaders should seek to forthright in acknowledging areas of potential discomfort early on and with forthrightness, and should proceed to focus away from source of division toward sources of commonalities. The aim is to recast the dialogue, steering attention in ways that promote a sense that listeners are on the sam team, striving for same aim. When illuminating common ground, its helpful to reference common history, common values and common experiences. It also best  a best practices to employ words that resonate. –well-chosen words reflecting time-tested principles, socio-political values, biblical truth or a cherished lexicon of political rhetoric.

To be continued


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