Book REview: Say It Like Obama… by Shel Leanne (part 4)

Part fourth.. Here are som tips for Winning Hearts and Minds

• Knowing Your Audiences

• Knowing when not to enumerateemploying details effectively

• Personalizing the message

• “i” and Experience

• Connecting one to one “you and i”

Obama’s sucess demonstrates many best practices with regard to winning hearts and minds. When seeking to use communication power to sway others, it is advisable to adapt remarks to the audience, speaking meaningfully to audience member about the issue they most care about. The skilled communicator keeps things personal by leveraging personal pronoun- “I” , “You,” and “We” – to connect more closely with audience members, establishing a sense on one-to-one conversation. They talk about their own experiences to give power and authority to their words, so the listeners understan. Excellent communicators use details to show that they realize, remember and will be responsive to the needs and desires of their audiences. To be continued


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