Some of the ways you can show sensitivity

these are some new insights which i’ve gotten from The Lost art of Listening, i still reading this book; now i am still in 8th chapters, hopefully i could finish this book soon and also could applicate all of its contents in my daily life or probably yours too. the reasons why i wanted to share sort of those book content is due to my lack ability to understand in appropriate way; regarding to my daily life activities, in terms of my connections with my friends and families. i realized that my ability to understand them are still low; thus i; as part of their life wanted to appreciates their feeling in an appropriate manner. i hope i could be your best friend guys, i am so sorry if during my relationship with you i cannot give you honest and sincere listening. i still learning though; i beg your apologize of all the things i’ve done to you in general and some of my intimate friends in particular if i made mistakes during our relationship. please poke me; if i made something unpleasant to you.  here are Some of the ways you can show sensitivity :
• Paying attention to what the other person is saying
• Acknowledging the other person’s feelings
• Listening before giving an opinion
• Listening without offering advice
• Listening without immediately agreeing or disagreeing
• Noticing how the other person appears to be feeling—and then asking
• Asking about his or her day, both before and after
• Respecting a person’s need for quiet times
• Respecting a person’s need to address problems
• Listening to but not pushing too hard for feelings

that was some tips to improve our sensitivity. hopefully it would be useful in our daily life.

Ja Matta.


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