Live without love is nothing.

13-04-2010.Loc.SGR2.Remain Silent-actually i want to move from this place soon. Hoping i would get a better place to live after my home in Bangil.

Malam senin, menutup hari dengan listened up to Genocide accusations to Hitler in Germany to Jews @1943, sedikit tahu tentang raison d’etre behind white movements, Air Aqua galon abis, terpaksa nyolong dengan minta tolong ke tetangga kos-kos an yang pamer Aqua-nya masih banyak, bahkan menawarkan untuk ambil sepuasnya kayak di restoran all you can eat. Capek habis melakukan perang bintang selama 11 jam di dalam markas besar sigura-gura, ku tutup hari dengan indah dan warahmah.

Mimpi met with my Ex yang figure nya gag begitu terkenal tapi cukup memmorable; yang ternyata pacaran sama temen SMP yang gag jelas asa-usulnya. Mending bangun aja daripada mimpi GJ kayak gitu, bangun jam 4 untuk memutuskan ganti mimpi yang lain; Gagal.

Hari senin; bangun jam 6; pagi pagi selalu dengerin RRI pro 3, kalo pagi broadcasternya is Mr. Muchsin Zein, pagi-pagi banyak orang cerewet minta dead sentence buat para corruptors, tapi menurut Mbak yang ahli hukum dari ICW “ eh kemana aja lu legislators, lu tau gag sih mulai tahun 1999 issue ini udah di angkat di permukaan tapi gag jalan-jalan,lagian hukuman mati juga gag bisa menimbulkan efek jera; terbukti waktu China applicated this methods several decades ago?”

She wanted to frame some questions to the legislators related to a suggestions which addressed to crafts some pusnishment which could make the corruptors being so embarassed with all the things they’d had done, when the was bribing and corrupting our country’s money, such us doing community service in bus-terminal toilet’s, he9, seems funny,

Hah, most of my activities today i spent for sleeping, after eating fried mushroom, i got so dizzy and sleepy, probably my digestion process needed some time to took a rest. I slept for 4 hours, i unable to remind what i was dreaming of. I woke up at 2.30 pm, continued to read the lost art of listening and got some updated informations related to PKS legislators who is being alleged to be involved in century case related to bogus L/C. 2.45, i decided to bought Ghuava Jumbo Juice in front of Alfamart Borobudur, i like Ghuava cz it could boost my brain faster than nicotine; i also bought half kgs of Sugar and Goodday carribean nut coffe at Alfamart.

3.00 pm, i still felt so tired, i just recognize my weariness probably because of i didn’t take a bath even washed my face yet. I continued to read e-book until 4.45 then i went to took a bath. While in the bath room, i sung a song about love, again and again, i remind of my ….., yeah i always remind of her when i was taking bath ( i dont know exactly the main reasons was), i stayed in bathroom for almost 30 minnutes until i got my skin was getting numb.

5.15 pm, i continued to read book, i felt bored. My mobile phone also made me bored; no beeb beeb for 1 hours, where the hell were they?

Hoping my live getting more interesting in next following days.

Live without love is nothing.


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