where SOciologist, International Affairs, COMM, And MArketing Students talk about the Future???

Review; what did i do yesterday??? Yup today is April 8 2010.

Yeah kemarin, ketika itu i was reading The Economist. Lagi reading soal Chaebol Korea yang mulai menggurita di Dunia; mulai dari Samsung yang sponsoring Chelsea FC, ama Hyundai yang juga punya KIA motors. Waktu itu pukul 2.15, agak hujan nampaknya, tiba-tiba sms masug dan my ex yang cantik jelita itu texted me; aduh, km bisa anterin aku gag ke kampus tiga.. aku nelpon taxi citra udah penuh semua, trus aku ada Ujian jam 3,  tiba-tiba di otak berpikir; enaknya di anterin gag ya? Mmm, tar jadi dag dig dug lagi kalo bersamanya; ha9, akhirnya pukul 2.20, i’ve decided to hantarkan dia ke Kampes 3, sekalian saya juga mau menjenguk rekan rekan saya yang saya kangeni di sana; ada Enduk, Goceng, dan Monster, akhirnya saya berangkat… di sepanjang perjalanan, otak saya seperti mengingat kembali kebahagiaan masa silam, penuh canda-tawa di atas motor, colek colekan perut J, (it happened), di sepanjang jalan she just spelling pharmatological jargons, my head  got dizzy; she also said that she and afganistan Malang going to attend Afgan Concert in Surabaya by April 17th 2010, and she told me about Afgan’s latest film, she said as long as Afgan being the actor she must be loved the films. And i said to her “i dont like Afgan, so i dont like his songs” (he9, actually i had already watched that film with my GFnominee-at that time), she got little bit frustated because i didn’t saying too much things with her. Finally i arrived in UMM, without saying too much words, i just went away without looking behind or made eye contacts to her.

Afterwards, i texted Nduk, to asked related to his availability in his place. He confirmed that he ready to accepted me. And gave me his complete address “ BCT Block G number 25”, i directly moved to BCT, after 10 minnutes being confused with so many blocks in that housing, i thought i got a wrongway; incidentally; i met Lia, she was also my ex, but i didn’t poke on her because she was with someone, then i asked the security to show me where Block G was. 2” later, i arrived@Nduk place, it had been long time for us not to met each other. Then we are starting to talk about many things, he has been studying international affair@UMM, 177 cm tall, little bit dark, big body, and he was my mentor during my senior high school for improving my skills to commmunicate with girls. After 10 minnutes having a friendly fashion conversations, he started to told me regarding to his relationship with ex, the reasons why they unable to continue their’s relationship. I dont want to discuss it any further in this blog because it would also dig my own stories. J

We talked about many things, from business until LV (Louis Vitton). After waiting for the end of electricity blackouts, we were starting to get bored and he asked me to went to Gocengs place at Tirto, i agreed with him, due to i never knew the location of my friends places. After i started my motorbike in front of Enduk’s gate, i met a beautiful women, she was white, long hair, sharp noose, she looked so pretty; she glanced at me, and sent me a little smile. That was unforgetable moment. I didn’t knew her name, but i believe to God; if she would be my friend in the future.

Frankly speaking, i thought that i am kind of womanizer guy. Ha9, no just kidding; i used to be like that when i was on senior high school, but i thought that now i’ve already changed my mindset, i like a girl whom i think have distinguished way of thinking (not just physically beautiful), where i could put my trust with, i can share a lot of things from my bad habbits until my wildest expressions, yeah i hope that sometimes; i could find it. I didn’t mean to distinguish or compare each girl that i have make some connections with, but  after i listening up to my deepest “Soulemmotions”, i knew; i just need a girl who have great understanding and i will give my full attention on her as the acknowledgement.

Let me return to the next thing, after arriving at Goceng’s and Monster’s “Flat”, monster was sleeping; such a Cow, with using America’s Flag as Pillow, he was look so tired, such as he was just finishing make a war with A Cat Women, then we tried to waking him up, he looks so aghast,

Then we were starting to make a conversations, related to what was our activities during our final year on the University (i was the only one who have already graduated), yeah monster is a sociologist student at Brawijaya, and Enduk is a International affair and Goceng is a Communication Science student at Muhammadiyah University, recently monster was having internship @Meiji Indonesia in Bangil, he was put his concern about companies CSR’s which hadn’t given much benefits to the society nearby thier company location in particular and Bangil for general. He was proposed to create a special council or committee to garner the company money and create a better CSR scheme to utilize the money more inventively and precisely to the society depend on their sociological aspect and background. Because, based on his research, he found that most of the company, especially in Bangil, they just focusing on hiring the local to be their employees or they just give the cash money to the local government to spread the money to the society, but monster said those strategies remain ineffective, because it could be being abused by them; they must craft an ad hoc committee to make the donnation being used precisely. Then i asked him “ do you think that company would think twice about your proposals? Do you think it would make benefits for them? Have you ever thought the cost of capital if they craft an ad-hoc committee only to lead a CSR programs?” i was remain sceptical related to his proposal, i didn’t know, probably we have different point of view; in which capitalism still being the most powerful principle especially for those Japanese company. Yeah; we have different lens…Socialist and economist; than Enduk’s he seems to be being a diplomat..so he tried to bridge my debate with monster….

Then, after little bit boring to the right solutions we were starting to talking about business, Enduk said that there would be a “Pasaar Minggu”@ UMM Dome, and he decided to sell Rosella Tea, in which he belive that it would have a great prospect in future. But then, we changed the topic; to be more concern about Bangil; the future; because we thought that we are some of Bangil young generations who have responsibility to give something to the place where our “placenta” being burried in. We were starting to discuss the latest issue, from the government planning to build a toll road and the Migration of Pasuruan Regency Office from Pasuruan to Bangil. He9, what a confusing topic, but so interesting, from local government corruption until the increasing number of Sexual transactions in Bangil including “waria” which was increasing highly during this two years respectively. He9. From talking about Bangkodir.com (this domain belong to our family, but we didn’t fill up the content yet)  until the competition of Arabian and local entreprenur community.

Huwah, but my time was so limited at that time, i have another promise with someone; rain just swiftly falling, an Tsubasa was playing. but i have to move on, then i said  goodbye to them on 6.00 PM, hah, i was so happy because i have so many interesting friends which could widen my perspectives about many things. I like to make this kind of conversations.


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