recentl, i read a book related to how to be a good public relation; yeah, being a public relation is one of my career goal; even when i was writing this note probably i am still an unemployment. today is the 56 days after my graduation on March 21. hoping that through this post; could enhance and sharpen my public relation skills, i wanted to share some contains from the incredible book. i hope it coul benefit you an i.

The digital age has profoundly changed the demands placed on public relations professionals and the ways they do their work.Effective public relations writing forms the core of nimble, innovative marketing made possible by digital technology. Today, businesses and nonprofit organizations use digital communications, as well as traditional PR tools, to reach target audiences, communicate with customers, and expand audiences. E-mail, Web sites, digital newsletters, blogs, viral marketing, search engines, live conference calls, RSS, and podcasting are just some of the tools now available to PR professionals. And almost every communications effort requires writing.

This book provides a road map for writing effective public relations copy for both traditional and innovative public relations initiatives.

The first challenge of the digital age was learning to save money and eliminate time-intensive, repetitive tasks such as stuffing envelopes with press releases or faxing them to a hundred media outlets one by one by one.
The next challenge of the digital PR revolution is discovering how to go beyond saving time and money to create new methods of communicating effectively with customers, employees, investors, media, and the general public.

You may be writing for a company Web site, a blog, a social Web site, a live chat, or the PR war room of a large company facing a public relations crisis. In every case, clear, persuasive written communication, the stock in trade of the public relations writer, is the core skill that can be leveraged by each new technology and technique. Whether you are writing for newspapers, broadcast outlets, books, or public relations purposes, the basics of good expository writing remain the same and never go out of date:
• Clarity
• Accuracy
• Vividness
• Aptness of details, examples, and quotations
• Correct grammar
• A clear, varied style

Chapter Recap
• Use the examples in this handbook as models for each type
of public relations writing assignment you encounter.
• Work toward clarity, accuracy, vividness, and aptness of
details, examples, and quotations.
• Tell the truth, or issue a graceful, ‘‘No comment.’’
• Use correct grammar.
• Remember that company e-mail is not private.
• Develop a clear, direct style that uses active verbs and varied
sentence structures.
• Be ready and willing to accept editorial suggestions and
changes during the approval process.
• Rewrite.
• Proofread more than once.
• Remember that in the digital age, an error is forever.


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