Hwah, my strategic failure .

well, i wanted to share about my failures while i am searching for my admired jobs.

1. I rejected Astrindo’s nice application in order to get a position in COmmbank and Kapalapi’s marketing team. but unfortunately, both of the companies rejected me on User interview.

2. I just focused on big company. such as pertamina, sampoerna, and BCA MT, but unfortunaley i just got info that my competitors mostly are graduate student.

3. I stayed in Malang, where most of the companies requires a closer location from their site.

4. I unable to keep on my focus, between continue my study or get a job. but after my uncle and brother told me to get a job first, i felt u unable to get financial aid. šŸ˜¦

hwah. thats why, now i am in a confusing condition. i just decided to quit from malang on June 12th.

I hope i can compete in a bigger city, such Jakarta. šŸ™‚


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