Ramadhan; commemorating Taufik Chalik (RIP)

its so serene in here, my friends are already sleeping… those Sony television is showing D’masiv sings “rindu setengah mati”. my mind keeps wandering…about my Ramadhan this year, my future, my parents and family, my girlfriend, my ambitions, and my friends.

Ramadhan this year; for me, this Ramadhan reminds me of my Father, 2 years ago, we were still fasting together, even he was already get psychological disorder symptomps. I still regret that I was unable to be in his side when God taken away his life. at that time I had to attend political economic presentation about Prof.Budiono’s economic outlook about state owned company regulations in order to craft a holding company to boost its efficiency. I went from Bangil early in the morning, around 5 am, after Subuh, so cold…I rode my bike fastly, since i’d to present the topic around 7 am. hmm, I still remembered, when I was presenting the topic, I was so nervous…my feet shaking swiftly….but finally my team presentation was made all the participants and the lecture praise our presentation..because we were able to present all the the material thoroughly.

( at that time…i got my feet so cold… i was thinking about my father condition)

in the afternoon, I went to bos Ucup’s house, accompanied him to buy a cybershoot 13 MP camera…around 3-4 PM…then we bought fried rice around ITN by 6 PM. at that time, I also scheduled to meet Niar, to help her to do something in the night.

around 6.15 PM,..after Magrib…. I got a Phone call from anonymous caller….and she said that my father was passe away..I probably shocked…or I already realized that my Father will be taken by Allah at that day ( I was thinking since the night before I left bangil)….

that was Ms.Dora who phoned me..I was wandering, why did the caller wasn’t my brother or someone who stayed at bangil..but someone who live in Pontianak…a land where my father was borned. sight….

I can’t taste my friedrice…i cant think clearly but still in control though…

that day was October 22nd…

the day when my father; someone who devote his 10 years of being single since left by my mother because of breast cancer when I was 6 grade at elementary school… 10 years keeping his “male” appetite to marry another women… A man who (for almost 25 years) worked for Pelni’s cooperative antry level employee as a cashier and never changed his position since 25 years… A man who is so ingenious, eating handful of rice without any kind of dish, A man who  is so persistent, shuttle daily Bangil-Surabaya to earn 2 million rupiah for his 3 children, yeah…

this is a special commemoration for my father… A father who taught me about life…about persistency, dedication, perseverance, LOVE, caring… (I am crying)…

thanks God for your endownment…

Endowning a Father like Taufik Chalik..

This letter is intentionally written by me to reminisce 2nd years of my father’ demise

I hope Allah will give you the  greatest place….

I just able to pray “do’a anak sholeh” tonight.



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