the last day at Ruko Soekarno Hatta Indah E9… Malang August 22 2010… Jia Matta Aimashioo

…after almost 4 years and around 2 years , I spent most of my “thinking” time at Ruko.

Ruko..ruko..ruko.. this building has a lot of memories for me… in this place, I finished my thesis (B.A in management), broke with Ilma (around october 2009), learned English though talking with my laptop in the midst of night for hours, stole Wifi Signals from CMS from golden globe winning films until the “blue” ones, played playstation till drunk, and the most unforgetable moment: made a cup of coffee with Bill, talked about Dinda with Lutfi in the midst of night, joked with Jeke, being haunted by the “Ghost-skull” while I was sleeping alone in the 1st floor, washed my underwear and watched by parents of Qumon’s students, bought Mbak Ma’s fried Mushrooms, watched Blue films furtively. hwah… so many experiences in here…

tonight is the last day i will sleeping in here… this morning Adhe will be leaving malang and return to Banjarmasin by 12 Am, hash… I’ll be missing this moment though… this place so inspiring…

hah, but I or WE have to move forward… leaving this place means that i have to find the different place for living, actually I will be available in Jakarta by October 1st…

Sayonara Ruko… Thanks for Lutfi Hermansyah and his Family, to let me playing in this place as long as I want, I realized, i cant pay for the electricity and water pump bills, but I have lots of energy to clean up this place..thats all I can do… I hope I can give you some higher return in the future…I hope all of ruko inhabitants (jeke,Lutfeng, adhe) and additional palyers (pras, donat, bill) will get a bright future…

thats all that i can do..this is so personal message, I dont know, you would reads this writing or not… I wanted to cry actually… this place is so meaningful to me…

Jya…Matta… So long..

Ruko Soeakarno hatta Indah E9.

August 22 2010

Muchammad Fahmi


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