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latest report ; work; school, realtionship; Dream^^

cawang, October 2nd 2010,

huwah, finally … I am in Jakarta,

it means; I rady to  dive the  Ocean, ready to fight, and ready to be kicked and killed.

like youl already know, I am still 21 years old, and now I just working ar Astra Multifinance,  A Subdidary of Astra International and under managed by Federal International finance.

Actually, to be here, I had sacrificed my final Interview in BDP BCA, TCB CIMB Niaga and BPS Pertamina. those three comapanies are provides lots of future prospects for me, since actually my dreams is to be a prominent banker in Indonesia or to be part of Indonesia’s Oil and Gas company expansion.

yeah, there are always lost and benefit in each decision though. I decided to Join AMF because I have great foresight on consumer electric credit prospects. and yesterday, October 1st 2010, I started my 1st day on those multifinance company. you probably asks, whats in it?

to be part of this company, I just given a chance directly from the director to adjust the strategy- i mean a whole strategic and tactical approach to benefit the company, because AMF (currently undermanaged by FIF) wanted to separate their company from FIF, and focus to manage their own business through create and develop new and existed channel to be more closely connected to their clients.

the current condition, based on my conversation with operation managers, they said that the management are still inefficient and inefective; especially on the posts and branches. most of them are still under the same roof with FIF, where the branch managers are too focusing in distribute their manpower only to fulfil their FIF maintarget; how to serve Honda (AHM) buyers. and they are often utilize AMF people to do the job that they are actually dont have to do.

probably, in this writing, I also wanted to share my current task for next following month; conting how much the operational cost from marketing, creadit, collection, RI, etc, and measured how much the money AMF must disburse to pay a branch, the profits and return on Investment…

yeah, now I just able to say that my current job seems to be so interesting. even, honestly i still wantedd to be a bankers, but i enjoy to be part of multifinance business.

so how about your plan to go to business school then? are you forget about that??

no, I just postpone my appplication. after my meeting 4 months ago with head of  MBA – FIA Department  at Brawijaya University; Dr.Kertahadi and my Cousin Prof.Dr.Sjamsiar , I realized that I still lack of fianncial back up, (I only have 4 million in my Bank account; and now only 2 M left) . even my accumulated TPA and Toefl score is more than 1100. and I also had scholarship chances, I am not quitely sure to be able to pay first tuition fees.

hey, folks, actually last night; during my way back to Cawang- My uncle’s home; I passed PPM (prasetya Mulya Business School)… that campus seems to be so ellegant (he9)… and the money i have to disburse to pay the tuition for 2 years is around 93 M idr. hwah.. so costly; its more expensive than MBA-ITB and MM-UGM executive classes; around 65 millions.

hmmm, I still have great passion to continue my study, but frankly speaking, my current financial condition is very BAD; only 2 million in my bank account. thats why I have to think twice if I wanted to rent a room nearby my office at TB.Simatupang.

I hope I can utilize my brain… to be able to enter those one of Indonesia’s prominent business school.

– In your writing; you are always talk about your current conditions and career; so how about your current love story?

he9, honestly until my 21 years of living; I rarely talks about that issue. but from now on, I will be more open about it.

let me Introduce you about her.

Her name is Jazairotin Nikmah, I met her 4 years ago; same University, faculty, class, and major with me; Marketing management, she’s currently working at Malang, as as Store Supervisor for Matahari Dept Store; he9, probably it just a introductory writing. and we decided to commit in more serious relationship since 3 days ago. even we were a couple since April 4th 2010; I think I ready to craft more serious relationship with her since we made a litl serious conversation about future at Teras Kafe; a night before a left malang city.

I dont wanna promise lots of things to her, because I realized, we are involved in LDR conditions; honestly, I never ha this kind of realtionship before, ever since I just got information that my program at AMF requires to stay in HQ in Jkarta,,, I dont know what the future would be, i just do my best to keeps and nurture our relationship.

yeah, probably you think that it will be imposible for me, since I used to be involved in many scandals during my youth age, but now I am “different” (he9).. yeah,,, i just wante to do my best for me , her, and environment..

so, as final question; whats your dream actually?

my dream is to be a Foreign  Minister