family gathering…

Hmm finally I spare my lil time to write on my blackberry, now I sit in front of dufan toilet…to charge my phone.. Weather is so hot here… And I don’t spread UVA 15 to tackle sunshine craving radiation…
It’s my 4th month for being in jakarta, and 6 months has passed by since I left Bangil and Malang where my social life blooms.
Today I gonna spend weekend with my family: my bloody weird brother who always passionate about how to revoluting Indonesia; and 10 people from pontianak,
I don’t know what this holiday gonna be; but I just don’t know what I gonna do while waiting for my battery fully charged… Still stinky smell attached arround here…
And of course; my journey this time is really unprepared… I don’t brushed my teeth…I just used pepsodent..push the tube.. And pour it around my teeth witj my left point finger… I didn’t trim my mustache since 2 days ago.. So it makes me looks older than 22,5 guy, :), and also I didn’t use any towell while I finished my bath. Oke than.. This is the beginning of my vacation at dufan, and I gonna write the whole story right after I finished. Ciao..


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