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Jakarta is my second destination; not the thirth part 1

yeai…..1 year in jakarta, somethin that i already written down when i was on age 18. when i first time met IF, my ex girlfriend whom i believed had triggered my mind for being someone who able to pass the limit. i remembered, on that day, i left Malang, a place whre i spent 4 years for taking college at Malang State University, where my life actually be,  and do things that my passed away parents always forbid to be undertaken.

i remebered, before i went to jakarta; i just have one million in my account; thats my only belongings that i got, some of it are inheritance from my father, and from my activity for selling mukenah during i am on college. yeah; i sell mukenah, somethin that u might not belivin, i used to struggle to fund my school; probably because i used to be not creative enough to gain money and my past environment was surrounded by those who felt happy by being nurtured by campuss scholarship. yeah; i wanna say; that i was wrong… i used to not taking so much risk…just follow the water; but always enjoy my passion on reading, writing and English.

it was in the mid of the night, october 28, i spent a cup of coffee with my ex girlfriend NZ ini a coffeeshop; a latte; sipped by me slowly… a cozy ambience; surround my feeling with some kindda mellocity.. .. i smoked a lighmentol Dunhill, which used to be my favourite cigar before i realize it made me cought so hard. wewere staring each other…

she asked me, somethin…that lil bit lifted my eyebrows up, seh asked me somthin about a relationship longevity, the risk for being in a relationship in a distance… as i always believe; from my point of view, that if i truly love someone, distance doesnt matter. so that she and i can enjoy a beatiful story in a distance…actually she is kindda sweet woman, a year older than me, nice attitude, but i dont know exactly how my feeling tryna connect it to somethin called love. we ends up the meeting by kissing in front of a Hero graveyard in Veteran. probably, if my friend read this post; he would laugh hardly. but in this year i wanna be someone who able to deliver, convey, communicate on what my feeling supposed to say, i wannna be more speak up to the crowd, about my thought ideas to the crowd. i dont wanna be an ordinary guy, which is no one put attention on.. i wanna a be some one that can be count on, not only a follower who just say yes due to age disparity.

it was morning, i woke up, sipped a nescafe… poured a hot water from Kiki’s boarding house.. that was my last day in Malang.. i smoked, probably it was Dji Sam Soe, i sit in front of Yes TV cable, which is already unpaid for 2 months, since the inhabitant are realize that they gonna shifted into another place cz this place already sold. i watched cnbc broadcast, and it broadcasted about some stocks on the market; somethin that i dont know so much; since i never learnd it on the text book. then i prepared to packd my stuffs, hehehehe… the most thing i brought was; 5 underwear; somethin that i never bought around 6 month due to global economic meltdown.

it was 12 am…. i drove ninik’s vario to send me to the station, she is the one who was stands beside me before i left Malang, yeah i wont forget u though broo… hehehe; i left malang by using an economic Train.. it called Matarmaja; the most prestigious train ever…. it priced 50 thousand rupiah + 1000, and it gonna brought me to jkt.

i am on the train. magic…… i dont have a seat.. i gotta stand up … probably; u can learn somethin for me; never buy a ticket an hour before your departure; especially when u pick the economic one.  i stressed up, i just wondering if i gotta spent 20 hours (time to devote for send me to jakarta) with this kindda condition.. ; but luckyly; i just stand up for only for hours…

hoammm…. its 10 am in the morning,,, finally i arrived in jakarta; with using a golf hand bag given by my aunt in cawang, i decided to go to toilet first; since my face has 20 hours not being wattered.  so much dirts sticked on my face; like cemented with holcim imported cement anyway. then i use microlet to send me to cawang, where my uncle live. i think thats my first memoar. i gotta do somethin first