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get my life back into SHAPE

let me make it in more frequently used language. i am 23 years and 5 month now. realized for getting old. I see lots of changes happend on me. from a boy who used to be eat segopecel to become someone who frequently eating steak. i felt dramatical changes happend on me, from using matarmaja train for go to jakarta which takes 22 hours sit, holding poops, and being winded by the dust; into becoming Graduda frequent fliers. from someone who scared to drive a car being into some one who able to conquer jakarta wihout a map. from someone who only go to Surabaya for travel, now i can travel accross sumatera, borneo, bali and whole java island.

terimakasih ya ALLAH.

I believed. its such a gift from You. I write this letter to show you my Gratituted to You ya Allah. even i frequently put Budha face as my Blackberry,Twitter, and Facebook photo profile, it doesnt meant i am worship Him. I respecting him, and do some his deed in life, since i believed, this world will be more interesting if we can share and care with others, as HumanKind. in this vesak day, i remembered, in 2009, when I got Stuck with my life, My Father passed Away, My Brother Divorced with her wife, and I lost Ilma’s Love.

back to 2009, At That time, I was 20.  I started to know about what a youth life. I drinks, I play with girls around, I went to club frequently. I did it intentionally, with-or without my folks, i went there alone. I was Inspired by western living; which i thought it was cool. Studying hard and play hard. I get scholarship from University frequently so i can save my money, to another think such as going to club. i rarely buy clothes. U see, even in my own cupboard; i still have my 2006 RSCH clothes, wow, it is already 6 years ago. i wanted to show that i am not too much spend on fashion, like those at my age spend their money.

The first shock, was when i lost my father. by the end of 2008. due to psychological disorder. but first, i wanted to describe; who my father is, based on my perspective: he love tennis, He love his family, and Humble. In bangil 5 of 10 people will know my father’s name. the thing I learned so much from him: Simplicity, Humility, and Honesty.

those three words, is the background about my writing tittles, Get life back into shape. into Simplicity, Humility, dan Honesty.

i hope i can forget my past experience soon, about left by those i loved. and moving forward. it has been 3 years since that time. and i must keep up with my life. lights up my heart. and cheering with others. i wanted to have a happy and laughing photo in the beach with those i love. i will make it soon. please let me forget her.