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A 24 Years Old Bad Boy : December 2012 @coffewar

Cofeewar, December 22th, Routine Place, Same Waitress, but Swift Rain Outside.

I believe, 2012, is special year for me. not because i turned 24, but i felt that my live changed during late 2 years. since i am entering the workplace, flew across java, sumatera, and kalimantan, and dealing with many people.

2012, is year when i love korean music, even i dont know the language. is the year where i finally collected money for entering business school, and year when i decided to set a time for my love life.

Leessang, is the group which attract my attention so much, i played their song almost 200 times at i tunes. then Baek Ji Young, and Mighty Mouth. cant imagine that i have something to be adored. and every time they sing, ignites my desire to be someone who involved in Asia pacific Business. i knew, i am just an ordinary Bangil Child, who try to compete in Jakarta, Indonesian central business. but its my dream. my dream to be involved in National Based business. i Hope, in near future, i can flew accross Asia. like @agnesmo always said: Dream, and make it Happen.






Business School

I am Happy, since now i have enough $ resource to enter a Business school. this afternoon, i just submit my admission into GajahMada University. Honestly, I still wanted to reach my dream; entering the best business school in Indonesia. it is Prasetiya Mulya.  2 weeks ago, i talked to my Directors, about my intention. I need to intensify my communication business skills, which i believed can be explored if i entering a business school. and i choosed prasetiya mulya as my destination. but, He said that I better for me to enter a weekend school, and not hinder my working time. and also, the job he given; require frequent flight into some locations. he anxious it could reduce my productivity, since having graduate school are time consuming. thus, today I attend MMUGM at Tebet. but after i looked the lybrary, i think prasetiya mulya is the fit school for me. just 5 minnutes from my office, and 2 minnutes from my room on foot. could u Imagine, this school is also one of my big motivations on doing my daily job,. everiday, i passed that school…. see the blue signs… in this writing i also wishing, that my intention to enter this school will have some ease.




Love Life,

let me introduce you, to my beloved girlfried. i have long distance relationship with Jazairotin Nikmah, i called her Ninik. she is not beautiful, but, my friend said, she wont embarassed you when you are attending a marriage. she is my college friend at malang state university, we then getting closer since 2007, having Break up so many times, but on 2010, we started a serious relationship.

this year, she gave me something meaningful. she’s the one who sent me picture…

IMG_2546hehe, i don’t meant to be looks so mellow through for the first time of my live, i shared about my relationship. but, i believed that it is the right time, for start sharing my live in this blog, publicly.

i know, i was an introvert person, but it actually not real me, it was my character; when i was young, where i put love is something private and cant be shared. but this time, i wanted to share my happiness, and remember it someday, not because i dont have any intention to put all my good memories in time capsules.



we looked happy arent we?

so, thats my 2012. since the doomday totally a hoax, except jakarta da$n traffict and storm on 211212, i believed that 2013 will be a blue sky for me. time for me to think and execute my dream.

achieving written goals, loving my partner, and contribute more to my families.

i hope, my journey will be more exciting for me,

i wish i can have gold on garuda frequent flyer card. i wish i can go to Jayapura, and abroad.

And, since its a Mother day. i Believe my mother; Lilik rusmiati, is the best mother. event, 1 thing that i remember so deep on her is the way she pinched my skin, she is the best mother for me. i Miss u Mom, and i am sorry, if i did wrong. Your son is on the track to pursue his dream. i hope our family will reach success on their passion.

Selamat Hari Ibu, dan biarkan anakmu, menyongsong 2013 dengan optimisme.


coffewar, 7:00 PM

Jakarta Rain, and my heart is missing you, Ninik.





the age of 24: My Life on High Building, Airport, Taxi, and 4 Big Cities

now, i am sitting on coffee-war table. drinking Toraja coffee and Pulpy Orange. Pulpy is such a Herb For Me, due to its function to decrease alcohol Effect during my Friday Night fever at some clubs.

i thought my life so much change, but not the party, something that i loved to do the most during my college. the reason: i like to get dizzy; oh no, but when in the club, i felt that i am still young.

2010 to 2012, its 2 years, i cant imagine, that i’ve traveled easily by Airplane, from one city to another in some hours. i believed its a Blessing from Lord. from living with Matarmaja Train; which only 51k cost from Malang to jakarta, into luxurious garuda Seats. Using taxi such a buying Starbucks with Mitra adiperkasa voucher, and go to Bank lounge while waiting to Flight.

Its not a pompous statement. i said it because i felt Grateful, my God give me a lot of chance and facilities during last 2 years.

I still believe this kind of living, will give me bigger chance, but i dont know what would it be. i still felt grateful.

of course, Allah still give me Ninik who loved me for so long, despite my ignorance, arrogant, and improper behavior. and i felt my love increasing from a conflict into another. break up for many times, probably not right, but i think; that is the way we trying understand each other.

this year, will be my 24 years of living. I wish, i still able to make my bucket list come true. this is a letter of my gratefulness

I hope, i Still surrounded by lovable, ambitious, and passionate people.


Coffeewar, December 1st, Jakarta