the age of 24: My Life on High Building, Airport, Taxi, and 4 Big Cities

now, i am sitting on coffee-war table. drinking Toraja coffee and Pulpy Orange. Pulpy is such a Herb For Me, due to its function to decrease alcohol Effect during my Friday Night fever at some clubs.

i thought my life so much change, but not the party, something that i loved to do the most during my college. the reason: i like to get dizzy; oh no, but when in the club, i felt that i am still young.

2010 to 2012, its 2 years, i cant imagine, that i’ve traveled easily by Airplane, from one city to another in some hours. i believed its a Blessing from Lord. from living with Matarmaja Train; which only 51k cost from Malang to jakarta, into luxurious garuda Seats. Using taxi such a buying Starbucks with Mitra adiperkasa voucher, and go to Bank lounge while waiting to Flight.

Its not a pompous statement. i said it because i felt Grateful, my God give me a lot of chance and facilities during last 2 years.

I still believe this kind of living, will give me bigger chance, but i dont know what would it be. i still felt grateful.

of course, Allah still give me Ninik who loved me for so long, despite my ignorance, arrogant, and improper behavior. and i felt my love increasing from a conflict into another. break up for many times, probably not right, but i think; that is the way we trying understand each other.

this year, will be my 24 years of living. I wish, i still able to make my bucket list come true. this is a letter of my gratefulness

I hope, i Still surrounded by lovable, ambitious, and passionate people.


Coffeewar, December 1st, Jakarta





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