The Club Of Night Of 4 Cities; An Intention journer

during last 12 month, i spent most of my time doing business trip and also leisure. in jakarta, semarang, bandung, and Surabaya.

In jakarta, i spent most of it, to walk across kemang avenue. from Venue, Typsy, Nu China, X9, Ecobar, Attic, and last more mature place called 999 (triple nine). actually there’s still some place that still unable visited by me. but every place has its own characteristic. Ecobar and 999 are the best suited place for aged 23-27. and sometimes most of expatriate come to ecobar for having Trance and original liquor.

In Bandung, There’s 9Square (which last week still underrenovation), Venettian, embassy, the mansion (@ PVJ, but i believed will be closed soon – i can taste the smell of lack of sales from its unclean toilet), and the best place at Bandung, is Sobbers @setiabudi. last week, i spent some night with my brother from pontianak. the place is quite cozy, not a skybar, but u can have a fresh air due to its building which builded from glass. the drink quite cheap. but its better for you  to go with more than 6 friends. u can get high and crazy together.

In Semarang, u can get The Plaza and Liquid, and also a small club @novotel or club 123, Liquid is the best place, but if u wanna find an expat, the plasa is better. but the liquor is not wellcrafted. dont be fooled by the barista. better for just drink beer or full bottled liquor.

In Surabaya, i didnt go into so much places. last month, i was attending Kantor – which consist of ( A karaoke, pub, and discotique,) located nearby Tugu pahlawan ini Kota. basicly the service was so nice, i also accompanied by the manager and told me about the club concept. but i ranked only 1 star in this club. this clus totally made for those who consumed ectassy. the best club probably colours, located on sumatera Street. the concept cool enough, the price was not too high. a value for money, and good bartender. it also provide band which rarely served in jakarta. i just realized that, the differences jakarta club and surabaya, and semarang, are also the band. the band that will pops up in the middle of disco music. a week later, i attended a club in malang, located at MX. AMMETIS. this is the worst club ever. the crowd was not cool, and they provide us with FAKE Chivas.

but last night, before i finished this writing, i inspired to go to ECOBAR @kemang. and of course, ECOBAR is the best place for meeting new people and strenghten my English, it was amazing night when u can speak english freely with international person. i met Julia, aged 30 something, who just being in jakarta for first week, and will be here for 4 years. she just finished a project from Jardine singapore. and now working for Astra. and fortunately, we (me and bagus gabung asmara – u named it on english is Good Love Fushion) then having chit chat and shared a lot. and finally i know that she come from canada despite her japanese-chinese face, love singapore, hongkong, canada, and Indonesia. and hated thailand.

of course, the reason for me to know the club, is not just for having dizzy head, no its not  my intention. which i know all of my course activities are forbid by religion. drink is not allowed. but, in this kind of place, i learn, i learned how to socialize, and know more people, specially foreigners. those who involved in international business that alway make me motivated to pursue higher goals. which is asia pacific.

so, please give me chance Lord, to know the things that i never knew, always give me chance to meet new people, new people who gonna broaden my horizon.

the next project will be sudirman Area. i hate North area. selatan jakarta is always the best. … Sing – Selatan Jakarta – by Ari Lasso…


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