Blessing, Hari Ulang tahun (alm) Ibu, 1960-1999 – 52 on 2012 and My PMBS Acceptance letter

in this life, i still holds on my dream and keep on pursuing it.

i remembered, it was on october 2010 writing, on my first month living in jakarta. i wrote about PMBS. and Gladly, right in the day of my mother birth, the answer came up. when i read those announcement, i was driving car on my way to Kuningan City, with my friend Wendy. he was also the person who knows that i passed the 1st test.

first, i wanted to thank to my parent who always blessing me in every pursuit i did. then the problem is not here, i am glad, but there’s 2 things that would hinder me:

1. my project application could be affected

2. my directors would get angry cz he wanted me to enter MMUGM, since its the only university provides weekend class- PMBS only on MON,WED,FRI,

3. that my budget gets so tight

hash… its kinda dilemmatic options, between having it this year or next year. my feeling sense its better i entry right now. since i would be graduated on my 26, that would be a right time. yeah. probably, life is a choice. during writing this, i still didnt decided yet.

probably, i need an excell to count the probability, or should i count on my clothe button?

but afterall. happy birthday ibu, probably my acceptance letter is one of my gift for you, and keep your blessing to me. i hope i can shine brighter, like diamon…d…s

PMBS Acceptance letter

coffewar, february 23rg 2013

on asia pacific, i dreamed on



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