A week on rush and my fast trip backhome

life is already hard; why you make it harder?

but, how if you are challenged by andri wongso? “jika anda lunak pada kehidupan, maka kehidupan akan keras kepada anda”

so it always a matter of opinion, which side are you in.

My last week holiday? i called t superb. started by attending Pekan Raya Jakarta closing event on saturday july 6th (actually it closed on on 7th, i cant attend due to flight that i will tell latter). on business side, PRJ had become unattractive for grass-root people. when i there, most of them are middle class who pursue for fashion untul electronic discounted price. even kerak telor has been so expensive over there, despite jokowi decision to make a competing event in Monas which only cost 2000 idr for people to pay. compared to PRJ which cost you 30K on weekend. so, based on report, our omset decreased 50%. its fine though. This year PRJ actually fun for me, since i also make friends with more people.

PRJ event and finally our event has closed, and i wanna thanks to all crew for supporting our event. me and mr bagus out of PRJ around 00:30. as you know, at that time, my boarding house already put its portal on. so, we wandering whats the right plan:

a. get back home and sleep

b. having closing party in 999

so, B options is more interesting. lucky us, when we ping on our friend who being escort on that club, contact us back and give us a drink freely (you  know, sometimes it is hard to reject that kind of invitation). it was 01:00. as a good driver. its better for me not to bring car to the club. so we put the car on its place. and hail a taxi to send us there. 02:00, we had been inside the club; ayu comes up and give us a bottle of ABs Vod. so, we started dancing. it was 4:30. we must go back. but bagus wont go back, since he met middle aged woman (seems that he MILF lover). so we gotta sit around Dim Sum Inc For a while. on my GPS, has shown that my taxy that i reserved for send me to SHIA by 5:30 has been in front of my room.

so i called up the taxy to pick us in kemang. around 5:45 I arrived in my room, take a bath…06:00 depart to senayan… put bagus… 06:45 arrived in SHIA…. 07:00 go to BNI Lounge… steal Marketeers and jakarta globe and some coffee….07:35 running to gate 1 07:45 plane depart 09:10 arrived in Juanda, having sleep for a while. 09:25 get into damri 10:00 arrived at bungurasih; 10:10 get into Cipto Economy bus 11:30 arrived at home with becak.

actually my story has no point; but i wanna make sure that i am quiet sober to handle those things up. i spend most of my evening at home just sleep. and failed to go into my parent graveyard in the evening.

2.  A man on my childhood.

i was grew up in bangil. a city that has tittled as a kota santri. but the fact; it just stated as a city with highes rate of narcotics flow. in east java exactly. if i reminisce my youth. i was take school in a Inpress school. an elementary school that so cheap to pay; and i dont remember what the best lesson taught by my teacher, except english, and latety i dont like with my english teacher since he pinch my ear; since i made her daughter crying.

so, there’s a missing story; especially in my 4th till 6th graders. that years, is a golden age i think. probably it was around 1998-2000. a year where reformation evade. iwan fals and dhani ahmad kuldesak has been hits at that moment, but as a youth, i dont care of it. i will introduce you, to my senior member of my school. his name is: “Gorgom”

gorgom ; the legend of my chidlhood

he is my senior when i was in school. his hobby was bullying us. i remember one moment, we were swimming in a “blumbang” (such a serene pool and there’s also Spring + and a bonus if you can see women take a bath nearby). gorgom at that time, has already drink Topi Miring complete with the Fanta. one other moment, is when i playing tamiya i smelled a marijuana comes out of his room.

13 years later. i met him again. in a different condition. his body is full of tattoo, get out of prison for 2 times. caught by police due to “angel-dust” . and now he is having therapy with methadone. 6 of 8 of his friend (and used to be my friend also) passed away, due to HIV issues . now he is in the mids of his recovery. i hope he will get fit soon; like Kaka Slank. since everybody has a second chance right?

Gorgom, also has positive impact for me, he is the one who introduce me to cigarretes (kansas, ardath, pentung, even collecting used cigarretes in trashed and rearraged it into a pure cigarettes), love to travel using train (we used to go to porong, malang, surabaya freely without ticket by bribing the conductor. yeah it was a young past experience. after my mother passed away on my 12th age ( i was 6th grade at that moment), i never playing with gorgom anymore. and detached from all of my friend in elementarsy school. until now, i never had a reunion with them. but Gorgom, is a part of my youth story. and i hope, his intention to get off the narcotics addiction will be finished soon.

7thfloor,in one of a kind meeting room








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