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in search for passion; Running, Coffee shops concept, and Clubs

after having routinely researching club across java during late 2012 and early 2013, lately i enjoyed traveling across big cities (i hope i will also visit makassar, medan, and balikpapan), and doing my new project; joining 5K & 10 K races. been for a while not writing, i put my self trapped on daily routines, i wanna say sorry to my self that i seems  cant managed my life quite well.

but enough for stress imposed into my brain, i must move forward to achieve my next ambition, to have a marathon on my 26. December gonna be my 25 then, but now i still struggle to keep my stamina strong enough to get me into marathon.

starting on may, when i first joined mandiri 5K, then Telkomsel halo fit run, and my first 10K race was on mid-night in ramadhan on halofit nightrun, thats my first time i promise to myself that i must get my endurance enhanced into next level. since till now, i am a smoker, and i must reinforce my self to put that tobacco out of my lung. i wish i could.

btw, the most damned cool thing i got last 2 week, that i was running in 4 different cities. which are in batam, semarang, jakarta (S4 run series), and Ubud. i doesn’t meant to Boast my activity out, but i think its awesome, which i must put my gratitude to God that always give me blessing, and chance, and timing to put my admiration coming true.

Ubud race track

above all, my ubud experience is the best. you know, Ubud is the place that i always admire. since i Only had informed from JJK (jakarta java kini), hallo bali, and my most respected writer, Djenar Maesa Ayu. finally i am here.

even what i did not intentionally for holiday, but i am happy enough to have this (i also wanna say terimakasih for FIF which give me chance to have business trip across Indonesia). my late trip into Denpasar also quite terrific. i am sorry that my story is jumping-jumping, but let me told you, the recent condition in my project.

finally my project was closed down due to new strategic direction from BOD, and the company wanted to integrated all unit business into one single channel and platform, which my project has been for 2 years, operated in a separated platform, and we considered it costly, i am quite happy for handle the job, since i have chance to travel across jakarta, bandung, semarang, and surabaya, met diverse people with different hardship level across those 2 location. my project, honestly success in surabaya and semarang, bandung and jakarta keep strugle to get the rythm back. i am little bit sad on writing this, but i gotta be strong, since change is a chance to change my life. this conditions make the organization which consist of operations and marketing, to be merged into one single Division. called marketing.

this condition then, change my job role from monitoring project, into a new job, called marketing planning and development. which considered in line with my degree. i dont know the job yet, but i hope it will give me a chance to develop my skills more into specific job. this october, also my 3rd year of joining this company, i dont know its kinda promotion or not, i dont care so much if it (as long as my boss give an excuse to me to take school), but i do need to wake up my self, 3 years being in same unit, sometimes boring, probably, friendship with my co-worker has made my job not seems boring. TEAM

those photo always remind me to keep happy at work.

so, since the project gonna closed down, i finally scheduled some kind of farewell with semarang team, semarang is really meaningful for me, since we built this branch from zero to hero ( i believe this is my greatest project achievement; even people said it just so so), i love semarang, not only its team, but also i ever lived in this city for 3 months, replacing the manager which gotta give birth. and living in semarang was such a joy. i can wake up in the morning, have a gym on 7PM in Inbalance novotel, and have a sip of coffee in Peacock Coffee, (where i found it also in coffewar, place where i write this).

but sweet times always come and go, IMG_5888

here are the semarang team. those who found 2 years ago, in not confidence condition, into one of most ambitious team that i ever met. i hope in future we can do something imposible again. i hope we all get the bright future, and be great team player. i am so sorry for any mistake i made.

so, after the farewell, its time to back to the hotel. in Indonesia, from many hotels i ever attending, Novotel semarang is always the best. u can find the best  Jamu maker who never been replaced since 2 years ago when i first time visit there. and also, in term of Gym, it also the best from any other novotel. and the pool also have beautiful scenery. and also, i have so much experience in this hotel. i wish someday i could have Accor shares. i wish.

this hotel has special attachment on me. so special that i wont forget it

this hotel has special attachment on me. so special that i wont forget it

thats my end of semarang trip, and since my boss also assigned me to go to denpasar, i scheduled direct flight from semarang to denpasar via surabaya, which is also my first time experience for having Boeing 900-ER, of course this plane different with 37. its so quick and has smooth land and take off.  i thought this is utilized for private jet.


Arriving in denpasar, as usual i ran around legian, and i didn’t find any interesting spot. on the following day, we visited Pandawa beach, which i thought not interesting but quite good for those who bored to kuta legian or nusa dua.

so let focus on the most beautiful spot, UBUD. since the night before, i got wrecked by Bali Police for counter stream the road nearby legian, and fined me about 100k, i decided not to borrowed company car, and rent a bike such a bule, which cost me 80K, and i did ride my bike for 60′ to transport me from Kuta to Gianyar Ubud, i was crossing Sukawati market also, which i only found in my elementary school text book.

IMG_6072cashier area at seniman coffee

in short, my denpasar semarang trip was quite enjoyable, and i still on my track to research unique coffee shop across indonesia, i havent told u about coffeeshop in batam, but i gonnna wrap it soon. since its weekend and ilove it.



Coffeewar, sept 14 2013