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Jakarta – The Public transportation

August 3rd, BNI lounge SHIA


On The Resurgence of Jakarta’s Public transportations.


Thursday; Tebet, Manggarai


We were in An Avanza car, Called EFS, driving through Tebet District to Have a fasting Break; unfortunately, due to our departure from head office was on 5pm, we got stuck on the traffic Hell Jam along our way to tebet. From regular 35’ into 2 Hours. But we kept happy since I treat them Dunkin Donuts, and finally we got free food from our branch people.

Since, My friend want to met his lover, the car; of course being used by him, and led him to the north. Me and Reza, who don’t have any intention to go anyplace, decided to used Jakarta KRL. Its my second time from Tebet into pasar Minggu. Whilst Reza, for the 1st time return to south by using KRL.

I was so happy, since I only just pay 2000 for slicing rapid jam south Jakarta within 10’. Whilst Reza, when we arrived to pasar minggu station still amazed, amazed about Jakarta commuting passenger, at that time, at 9Pm still struggled to return to their home, and must get up In early morning to chase the same routines. Hell ya.

We conclude that we’re so lucky for having car facility by company to travel around Jakarta along the day. But, those who still trapped on commuting lane?

Everyday, 10 times a week, 40 times a month, and 480 times a year , spending on that “un-breathable” fast capsules. Its amazing.


I knew that still a lot of things can be repaired by the govt. but I do realized that our transportation totally worse. I remember my last hongkong trip, that train can be easily accessed and people don’t have to wait for 20’ for the train and stand up with smelly train. Their transportation are so well managed. I hope the new MTR will be established soon. But, let me give my opinion, before those happening, I am as Jakarta citizen, must be able to understand; stand on people shoes about how they felt while using Commuting train. And you, must try it also.



Friday, 2nd,


We had last day of our working days, me and dody, then decided to go to north Jakarta, since we had same direction but different destination, we agreed to used Busway, after Pak Marlon drove us to Kampong rambutan BusStation in eastern Jakarta.

One thing that we; felt was, along our way to kelapa gading:

  1. The waiting time of busway totally sucks: we gotta wait more that 10 minnutes for a single busway, and we cannot predict how long can we wait for the next bus à totally time wasting
  2. The Busway Interior Gets dull à I cant hardly imagine 2 years ago, when I was still frequently used busway to Cawang from rambutan. The interior and scent was so good, now, the condition, was really such a Kopaja – Rotten, lots Fungi Around, and the suspension such a metromini

And finally we arrived in Cawang, for 1 hour. Something that we can get within 15’ with EFS. The transit time was also ridiculous, we gotta wait for 30’ and after we asked the official, they said it trapped on a jam around PGC… $%#, how could this kind of information not being updated to the passengers. Let them wait; wait for the uncertainties.


Finally we decided to use Express taxy, the most value for money taxy cab in Jakarta, and finally I arrived in kelapa gading on 7:30.


August 4th

Finally I gotta get back to south, to prepare my return to Bangil. I went off from gading around 11am, and get the busway 15’ later. And head to harmony around 1 hour later. Arrived in Blok M in 12:35 and using Metromini 610 to head me to fatmawati.


Here’s the funny part when u using Metromini in Jakarta:

  1. metromini is faster than a car, since it has no rules and can push the gas as high as possible. But It cant beat Ojek (motor taxi)
  2. metromini Ticked price now rise into 3000 after Gasoline raised priced into 6500
  3. most of Jakarta metromini, act such as octopus, spreading black inked and its really dangerous for your lungs.
  4. when It engine got stall like I got on 13:34 am today, the driver asked the passenger to prompt the bus from behind.


An hour later, on 14:15; I decided to use motor taxi or called Ojek to drive me to lebak bulus, since I knew earlier that traffic gone so bad around lebak bulus.



So, that’s all my terrific 3 days with 3 different Jakarta public transportation