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More Disciplined, Responsible, Assertive Me.

there’s  4 Big things that has been done; and its pivotal:

1. i finally went to Singapore; and taking picture with MBFC (Marina Bay Financial Center); which is the building that made of Ms.Julia, those i met during my BAR exploration during 2013. and by the time i know that she’s Project Director of Menara Astra; the highest tower in Indonesia by 2015. the one who inspires me to go to Hongkong; which she said the best place compared to Canada, Tokyo, and SIngapore. (i am not too interested on USS,Merlion, etc, but i did something on club around clark quay)

Me  And MBFC


2. i finally go to Sulawesi, Manado, Bunaken. which is part of my mission for GOING EAST in 2014, so Manado is my first city to visit. always, i did visiting some club around there, and the quality is not quite good. probably the collest place is Score in Manado Town Square. i didn’t eat anything forbidden around there, but, i believe it wont be my last time visiting Manado.about Bunaken, i dont truly believe the palce quite good for snorkeling, i didnt know exactly for Diving, but Bali and Gilis are far better.


3. on Job Related, i felt more inspired to be in a consulting firm, the passion to learn how to be in consulting job, is really strong in my blood, where i got so much insight during my green business and advanced corporate finance class in PMBS. which i lately informed that mr.Djoko, used to be BCG consultant. and i frequently use (and try to) his way of problem solving combined with books i read about Mckinsey. and 2014, is very great year for me, where, that’s the first time i met some people from Mc.kinsey, the man is Mr.Christian Raubach for corporate project, and the second is ex.McKinseytes, who has in SEARS, and now Strategic Director at Archilic Turkey, Mr.Hasan K. those two person has energize me, it has been long time i didn’t felt like get a pristine energy, which move my brain focus into being something like them, i do know, that mckinsey only accept from people from boston, or HBR. but i think, even not in those company, i think, i shall conquer the skills. which is the next thing i have to own for 2015. and luckily also, I met Pak Hermawan Kertajaya, when i was in my vacation at Ubud. Pak Hermawan is those inspired me to learn Marketing, and think like an expert on it. He is My Hero since 2006. and i met him 8 years after  his first book titled “Brand” i read.

Me and Pak Hermawan Kertajaya - My HERO

Me and Pak Hermawan Kertajaya – My HERO

4. I quit Smoking since November.  i hope, its not a cheezy statement, by me. since it just recently did. i quit smoke, caused by many factors,  like my environment, there’s get smaller people smoking around me, my close friend request to quit my bad habit. i also, very rare go to night club, since July last year. i also gets better health, and more strong breath and lung during my running schedules. i hope, i can consistently, keep my mission, to reduce my possibility get a lung cancer.

those all about what influenced me during 2014. now facing 2015, it believed, i have to changed. i have some flaws, that i must fixed, to make my personality, better. thing such as: Procrastination (which one of my folks; Awen – LPDP scholars in Toronto, said that its a curse for B Blood type), Blaming Others (which i believed its like a cancer – i hope its only what i felt – not real probably), and not being assertive (which is literally mean, not being the first, since i think it just only wasting time or its better being done by other person).

so, in 2015, i must be more disciplined to fixed my procrastination, Responsible, to fixed my blaming other viruses, and Assertive, to be more brave to take challenge (i hope my MBA soon finished so i can managing my time more eloquently lol).

to achieve those mission, i believed its so easily said; than taking action. but, i write in here, to foster my pace, speed to be  a person who is have self discipline, responsibility, and Assertive, which is a live skill, and can be used anywhere.

things that i pledge to do, for my self discipline:

1. I must joint Full Marathon in 2015 –> i must train routinely –> 100KM per month minimum

2. I must not smoke in public area – ( even i quit smoke, but, i afraid, social pressure sometimes affect my decision, but i hope it can be managed)

3. i must be more helpful to others, and change the way i communicate with other people, reduce my bad habit to commenting those whom i think have a bad taste, in many ways.

4. i must do my job more disciplined, more focus on time limit, rather than job perfections.

lately i dreamed if one day, i can be in Chicago, and having coffee and, listen to jazz music. with whom i loved.

i believed, that imagination, for me, is something to make it come true.

welcome 2015.


Jakarta, January 3rd 2015

(this writing solely for my purpose to register what i did)