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Pavement To my Next Journey “The best car in the world will not take you to the right place if you do not know where you want to go”

its been years, since i put “on a pavement to my next Journey” on my line account. i never changed it, and it has been 3 years since i put Arek Bangil@Pacific Asia on my twitter account. and its kinda blessing that by August 29, i’ll leaving Jakarta to another Financial Center Asia, HKG to learn about Aviation Logistic.

Its almost 5 years, since i wrote about how i arrived in Jakarta, and live for a while with my uncle about how my life is. and i fully blessed on what happened during my life. it was my 1st day on September 2010, i was stand up inside 509 Qoantas Kopaja, a well-known yellow minibus in Jakarta, the first time i saw Prasetiya Mulya Business School, on the way i went to my first office. and that moment pave more thing to be achieved.

Jakarta, is really miraculous. its totally different, toward my habitat, i came from Bangil, a Small District on East Java. in Jakarta i learned many things that probably not changed, but i believed improved me in some points. probably, its better if i share some important things that i doing, until now:

  1. Learning about toastmaster; it was on 2011, that the first time friend of mind who came from Palangkaraya, and study Law From Undip, has invited me to joint the club, the first club is EXPERD toastmaster club, and then moved into PrasetiyaMulya toastmaster club, this is where i truly met inspiring PMBS guys, those are Sidharta, Sartono, Mutia, and Ard, those guy really inspired me, since they are so young, and able to deliver english speech in eloquent way. and until now those people keeps inspires me to be better, and in toastmaster; there’s always room for Improvement. then i started inspired so many things on TEDX. and by 2012, finally i Infiltrate my self to joint TEDX at Jakarta International School, those event has inspires me to become someone that must have influence and sharing knowledge to other people.
  2. Learning about Indonesia’s Night Club, i believed that this thing might be not properly positive things, sometime, i unable to control my curiosity. being worked in a company that has flexibility to fly into another city (seems to be each month i can go to 2 different cities), has enrich my experience. and finally i’ve go to Medan until Manado, and nothing can compare Jakarta for the night music sensation. while doing this Project, i hv a mentor, named bagus. he taught me so many things about wine,vodka,and whisky, and recently i learned about single malt, from another mentor.
  3. BNI Lounge@2F and Wall street Journal at GIA. i was so blessed, that my company has frequently sent me to business trip, since 2012, the moment that 1st time i had credit card, this lounge has been 4 years being my shelter before go to any flight, and return from any flight. it provides me with some magazine that affect me, called Jakarta Java Kini, Marketeers, Nikkei Review, Jakarta GLobe, while GIA, has provide me Asia Wall Street Journal, which always keeps me alert on what happening around globe. which i realize that my decision to take Finance Major on PBMS, driven by ASWJ. i realized that i really bellow average on math capability, but i strive to push my self to learn beyond what i could. and i wanted to state that the most influential things during late 4 years is ASWJ. it has changed some of my plan and the way i see things. and without my current company, i believed i cant afford that luxury, being so serene on the plane, while reading the news. what a Joy. being in a plane for 60-80 twice a month, is really a meditation time for me.
  4. Running. it was on 2013, the moment when i return to Jakarta after a quarter of Semarang Duty (actually semarang is my 2nd best city that i loved after Jakarta; even i grown up in Malang and Surabaya). the first running event was Mandiri-Karnaval Nusantara Run. and might be I wont know so much things about running, if i was not met Icha, a friend of mind who used to be worked in working-space rent, and talking about Icha, she is surrounded by gay community; which in return i learned how to respect them; but we never hangout anymore since her marriage. The miles i run, keep upgraded by the time going. i had done some half marathon. and honestly this year should be my 1st marathon, both in Bali and jakarta. but i unable to use the BIB number. but i believe, running, is not a hipster thing for me, i believe its part of my mission, and of course, i hope someday, i can joint The Boston Marathon. Running i believed has influence on the way i do so many things, running taught me about persistence, curiosity, and creativity. it strengthen my persistence since it makes me run consistently through long distance and respect for the finish line, which means i wont stop till something done. Curiosity, being not know about destination and forecasting distance is not things we see on the road race, but running in different cities without knowing the miles and duration has made me curious about finding my finish line; my starting line is my finish line. Creative; running in different cities, has give me much images; mostly natures that inspires me and keeps me fresh. thus i wanted to say that i believed that running is going to be my everlasting hobby.
  5. Driving matic car. Car Driving license is the first thing i prepare, before leaving home. in jakarta, the man who taught me about driving car, is Doddy, an UNPAD law degree, and MBA UGM. this man is the one who taught me about car driving, on early times in jakarta. but on 2014, i learned a new thing, Matic Car. it was my friend Car, Nana, a brilliant IT brainer, from Solo, she is the first person who believed me to drive matic car. it was two pedal; different with the three pedal manual car. i put my left foot to push the left pedal, and the right side for right pedal. it was totally mess. the car like got a caught. it was such playing a bom bom car it was, and finally now i can drive any kind of car, the matic and manual.
  6. Coffee; un-sugared ; it was since 2011, that i like to go to cafe on eastern kemang, and that time i started to learn about coffee, i like arabica coffee, and it keeps me inspired until now. talking about coffee, i only have 2 favorite cafe, Coffeewar @kemangtimur, Tanamera @Thamrin and Seniman Cafe @ubud. those places are very influence on the way i evaluate the cafe and taste a great coffee bean.
  7. Prasetiya Mulya Business School, 2013, is the year i Joined PMBS. a long awaited moment and dream come true. a dream that i wrote down on my library at Malang while reading the best business school in Indonesia, listed UGM,ITB, and PMBS. but after i attend those 3, i put my love into PMBS. in this place i learned about frequent team transition and shuffle. things that i considered fixes some of my whole is a systematical thinking, teamwork and convincing presentation. this place where i consider some people are very bright, those are people from ITB and UI, those come from both university i believed has distinguished quality. a sharp logical thinking, and i hope i can make progress like them. in PBMSi focus my study on merger acquisition. and i think the best and most inspiring lecture i ever had is being taught by Mr. Adrian Rusmana.
  8. works in the very competitive company. without working in my present company, i believed i wont be able to relaxingly write this. it taught me about leadership, empathy, innovation, and respect others. i learned many things, from strategic planning, budgeting, and even create an event for marketing. recently some of my inspiring friend was resigned,  but i lucky met mentor such as Reynaldi who taught me about communication and negotiation, Aditya on how creativity and humility can influence many things, and Dody on how to become smart and funny.

I felt blessed. in the future, i believe there’s so much things lies ahead. and i hope one day i can eat a bread and drink milk, in the Hyde Park, with my beloved one. I want to go There.

jakarta, August 14th 2015.

“The best car in the world will not take you to the right place if you do not know where you want to go”