the opportunity cost – concept

it is 10:20 PM; 21 C. i am alone at Royal Terrace Flat; here at Quarry Bay. it’s been few days after my flat mate back to Jakarta for celebrate Christmast with his family and fiancee; while i am here; calculating my finance capability; about how to own a property when i get older as now. its haunting my mind since of course i am getting old and need shelter.

my decision is not to back to my hometown, and decide Jakarta as my second destination. where i think Jakarta will be my Hub to connect everywhere. so its vital for me to own one.

so how about House or Apartment? it is also something that i need to answer, my mentor(s) said that better to own house than Apartment, and it no need to be in the center of city (this is also a big question to me? i wanted in the center of the city, not the outer city) just at least you have one. while in my opinion, my concept is the closed my location to the city, or at least my working location, airport, entertainment, and social life, will make my life efficient. thus deep in side of my heart i will choose apartment.

the concept of “opportunity cost” – I live in Jakarta for 5 years; and i always live nearby office back to south Jakarta where i can access any strategic places within 30 minutes, and various options of transportation, car, taxi, angkot, bus (metromini, kopaja, qantas bima), bike, even running. and i rarely felt the stressfull of Jakarta traffic (so i always says to my friend that its a black campaign from other neighboring country to divert its investment into Indonesia). everything is efficient.

but, i also ever live for a while with my friend in pancoran area, the central of jakarta but it takes almost 25 minnutes only to survive the redlight, 3 hours into the airport, even the distance is shorter than my location. i just wondering the other folks who wake at 5 am, and depart on 5:30 and arrived at the office by 8, and get back on time by 17:00 and arrived at home at 19:00 or 20:00. it spend almost 4 hours at the street. in case you not having any business trip (which is the most luxurious thing from my previous company and i really miss that moment), with 5 weekdays, it will be 20 Hours or 80 hours per month spending time for transportation.

until now, i felt it my self. i thought its a Karma for me because I always proud about my efficient and effective time management. and now, i work at the airport and felt the same thing, even in HK, its rare to have traffic jam and efficient MTR system. i spend at least 3 hours for transportation. where i start to adapt to use my time to read or hear podcast to learn cantonese and mandarin; sometimes some mckinsey pdcast.

at this moment, i felt my life is not efficient not effective. i tried to bring book? but slept during my departure by bus, i listen up to podcast? but i slept during my return by train, or sometimes just being distracted by korean tourist or flight attendant. but i felt its not effective, but i believe that we don’t have any options, but we do have options to only sleep, talk with stranger or use our time effectively.

I really scared about time utilization, even i am not a business man (yet), but i do respect time allocation, If i dont have to take those 3 hours traverse time, i believe i will have plenty of hours to learn books that i already downloaded freely on torrent (which is top of Strait times or WSJ reading list). i can use my time more to learn mandarin and cantonese.

but, blaming condition, i belive is not worth at all. again, one thing we can do is adjust the sail. i try to pleased my self to accept this condition, and force my self to keep learn, read, and listen during my trip back and forth to the office.

so based on those experience, argument, and what i felt now, i think i still prefer to live in the center of the city, the quickest solution is pick an apartment, and home also in center. the first option could be executable, but the second one; its a attacking question.

during this week i browse internet, and i think i know, wheres my admired location to live. not BSD but Bintaro. its green, and i think has very good environment, and i never do price research before, but last time i see is at least i need more than 1 billion to have a house over there. a very big number, but at least i have new purpose now.

to own property nearby the city area. then, after i meditate at least 3 days lately,  i think i must have capital, and to have capital, u need to work, work can be from salary based job, or create your own.

for me i only have the first now, but hopefully i can do the second, very soon.

it reminds me about one of final statement of my mandarin teacher, about chinese verse on when u get 30. and also supported by Esquire guide that i ever read about “never eat and sleep on the same place when u reach 30”.

my point are:

  1. as we get old, we need to stand on our feet –> i try to motivate my self to be self sufficient and plan for the long term.
  2. work harder if you dont have any capital –> i try to motivate myself
  3. use time effectively, that time is cannot be rewind. its the most precious gift –> productivity

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