a single slip, that ruins

I fascinated by Chinese new year, by February 8, a moment where i ran for 25.67 KM wearing a red jacket to Cyberport 2. a destination that i imagined to be the things i will pursued on. I wasn’t expecting, that it was my last day to run; at least until this writing created.

First time of my life, my ankle  injured on the 3rd day of Lunar. not by a race, but because of a price tag of  a Birkenstock’s soles and listening navigation song by Mighty Mouth; that dilutes my concentration (and other imaginations i had). Sloppy, I wasn’t carefully watch my steps, on my way down through the small cubed stairs, in front of Kebab House 27 at Hollywood road to get a Wonton noodle, internet said, it would get me never ending fortunes for the rest of the year.

It was loud, “crack” voice, such a voice of Roma cracker being crunched without put it inside a hot milk.people tried to helps me by asking me for let them call ambulance, but i wasn’t expecting it would makes me handicapped.

My  ankle; swelling. tripled its normal curve. I still continued to eat noodle. since my purpose was to eat noodle.

a week before, i talked to my friend that we must stick to the plan, even terrible things happen. being inflexible and stick to the plan even things goes wrong could be fun, it was a perfect Wonton Noodle anyway. I ate while withstanding the pain.

I went to Doctor the day after, the roentgen result shown my bones is fine, but ligament, wrecked; need 10 days to recover, the doctor said. and i believed it. and today is the 20th days; getting better but it still psychologically gain its confidence back, and difficult for perfect praying movement.

Yesterday, i represented my company. a 15 KM trail run (its a hike anyway since it was only 10 minnutes/km. finally i ran again for the first time, but slow. and it was boring to be slow. i couldn’t jump or maneuver along the way. not going run, for days made me felt unfulfilled, loosing a habit.

i grateful the importance of my feet, as my asset to create value, where i can get stress and mental release during exercise session.

No point for regret, it is a warning; from the Lord, not too put 100% trust on fortune teller said about doing things; eventually if the fortune teller is from the internet. I consulted with my mandarin teacher, that it was only a stereotype to do those things.

Its fun to make ludicrous of our self isn’t it. Doing things that misaligned with main purpose, what i my equity analyst friend called a random walk. like Dharmagandul said, The Chinese was too smart that it creates varies of letter and font, while Javanese not develop that, but develop Budhi. but i did something that i believed i had to do; driven by curiosity, guts, and good intention. which I convinced (more than before); it made from perseverance and consistency; not by a bowl noodle, red clothes, and clean up the house with wet clothes that i did.

actually i had some misfortune at Chinese new year, where my credit card stolen (or possibly tumbled) during my running session, and it was my fault not to follow my instinct to put it in my 2XU pant.i must have been more careful thereafter.

February is so bumpy. many misfortunes happened. i don’t know what kind of Karma i had, but i believed i did something wrong. my mind and body was not well in sync. and i start to belief on my self alert more than before. If you are in Doubt, Better not do, and evaluate thoroughly. sounds rhetoric.

today is a leap year. talking about a leap, i remember one of my conversation with my friend, on what i could do after i return in Jakarta. i barely have no Idea on what i can do or achieve later on, i only able to improve my self, sharpening my saw. related to result, we never know. people talk about leap, i talk about orchestrating improvement that enhance my capability to be on par with those whom i admired.

life is not like invest in a stock portfolio, which we can hedge the risks by diversification, and waiting long term return that generated by earning per share.

life is a Venture. if you like, buy and manage, and reap the return. if you don’t like, exit.

it could be mystify if there’s plenty venture opportunity anyway.

so, do you think stocks portfolio and Venture is tantamount? never mind, but do protect your asset, especially if it creates return that leads you to your destination(s)

QB. 23.59 2016|2|29th My Way, Frank Sinatra






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