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weather forecast that matters

in past 27 years, i infrequent concerned on weather. i believed 90% that it wont be rain. thus; i never go out and prepared for the rain. but i was wrong. geographic matters. in Tropical area, rain is frequent to happen but i always never think about it,, but not in sub tropical. and weather changes so fast; even cant predict possibility when it stop or will be heavier.

it not a big matters though, since in my phone equipped by weather forecast. but its like a soft skills, its there, but it not useful unless u use it. My tendency to think that everything will be happening as i planned, can be ruined by weather. where in business its call natural risk.

in Java, people do ask for “rain master” (the only term that i think cool for Pawang Hujan – whereas in Formula 1 it means a driver who have capability to race and win during rain), to avoid their big event (especially wedding), and the do lots of mystical things, such as  using java ancient calendar; such as avoid passed away date of male ancestor, the date of disposal of umbilical cord, or matches date between couple. where some others more magical, such as put the bride underwear on top of roof, put together Egg, Chili, and Onion and paper containing ancient spells and wrapped into white clothe, even the family prohibited to take bath a day before the big day. and the price of Rain Master could reach 2 Billion IDR.

but, those story, is a reminder to my self, to emphasize weather as a big factor in future. at the moment, i was too lazy to put weather as risk that imperative.

how can i adjust the sail if i only use intuition to adjust?

how can i weather the storm, if i never care about the weather?

this is what i called only focused on internal strength and disregard of external force. that can change how things going, then changed how the things played.

i think this writing come from my sloppy behavior, that i use my Tropical Mindset, not subtropical mindset. it seems that every changes in weather, i got terrible flu. in December and in April. where it’s a condition where the nature condition changes, from 30 degree into 8 degree, then from 8 degree into 22 degree. i was sloppy; for rarely bring umbrella even I know the apps said it will be rain, I thought i always can endure changes. fact, was not. i needed to go to doctor, I missed events I planned for long time, especially running events and cure my paranoia on learning to make a balanced sheet balance.

anyway, i know; probably skills that i need to learn in here, should be more serious than weather. How if there’s a cool thing such as weather forecast for our future, that would be interesting isn’t it? a tools to forecast what would you become on your 50th? with whom you will be with? or the face of your baby if you make it with someone? it will changed a lot, but is that interesting?

For me not, i like ad-venture (i slightly uncertain this is the correct words, since adventure should be like those in the national geographic hunting a crocodile, or easily moved to different places like 007 and missionary impossible- assumed it is only a condition where its a lot of appetite to know,understand, feel, see, (and all the 5 senses) something new), where certainty is not certain. i like the unpredictability, or incomplete information, to keep me feel interested on what things that will be happening time after time; but  deep inside; i do have strong reason to believe that what i venture in, is worth to pursue. the “worth”, then become so subjective.

I do understand, when people get older, tend to pursue certainty, predictability, and then come status quo. i don’t know, at the end of the day, i will be the first or the second. but i really enjoy the journey.

During the last two months, I’m starting to get the traction of living here. i did run more than 30K possibly 3 times. i spend around 6-7 hours doing trail run (i did sleep on the apex of the hills and walk when i tired when it not race), and it could be best tools to kills my time, enjoy scenery, and meeting exceptional runner at the same time. I have bimonthly weekend visit to the Central Library, where i can read my favorite magazines without pay anything, except transportation cost. it makes my day for the last 4 months feels so fast. Plenty of excitement when it comes into weekend. its an excitement too when it comes to weekday since JCI gets into 4.900 on last week, more exciting nights since more friends shares their story, aspirations, and knowledge during lunch and diner time.

Anyway my curiosity, this months i think leads to  some figures, which is T.P Rachmat, Sandiaga U, and Patric W, I watched their videos, and those people really excites me. i don’t know, but what they doing, seems interesting.

A. TP Rachmat on how he build his  Triputra when he got 55, and his regret, for not buying AI for $65 Mio at 1999. and how he construct concept to create a strong corporation with 3 formula:


1.  STRONG wind

2. Unique

3. Leverage

B. Sandiaga U for his perfect timing and the way he build Recapital; where he said that failure is part of succeed; and 5 years after what he said is really happening now. from woman equality, and avoid dependency on natural resource by build strong downstream business and SME enteprises.

C. Patric W, then become head of Chamber of Commerce for start-up, and his aspirations of free competition.

D. Tom L, on how he talk about sound outlook and optimism about the country.

after all, watching those videos really lit my spirit up.

it will be more adventure for 3  months to come; hopefully plans will be done exceptionally.

-Understand the weather, then you can weather the storm. understand the wind, and you can adjust the sail-

QB.Aprill 23rd