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what you will be for the next 10 years?

an intriguing question, by a mentor where green mountain coffee are from, a venture capital consultant, at a Bar around Wan Chai,

I replied by i wanna be a strategy consultant, venture capitalist, or entrepreneur, a job that makes me interact with many inspiring people that will make me inspired, always moving and improving, I have a faith, along my life, i learned from people whom i believed distinguished than the others.

if i reflect into my plan 5 years ago, my aspiration was being a Branding and marketing consultant.the fact i am doing operations, and marketing for last 5 yeras. i just know that the coolest thing in this world, is what Pak Hermawan Kertajaya said on Markplus, finally i get a picture with him on 2014, at Ubud. He is my Rock Star.

Now, it shift, into company such as  McKinsey, Standford, Harvard, Y combinator, Wall Street Journal, Google Venture, where i read many literature related to those cool place, and i met and have conversation with some people who was there, and that people, is fakin awesome, Innovative, and risk taker. the gap of knowledge, speed, and capability, is still far below, this always make me paranoid of not being able to catch up.

the perjalanan, masih panjang. i think live is such a business model, our value proposition, keep evolved, in accordance with the customer segment #Leanbusinessmodel

so I asked, how you be in this position? what makes you become you are now?

he also told about his stories about his journey, meeting inspiring people, through serendipity, that his friend introduce him to a friend, which is an owner of a company, and those guy asked to join the company, and he took the challenged, and his life changed into more exciting life, but it need process.

then, we both agreed that, by meeting more people, the right people, right moment, and right purpose, we will find the path, on what we are good at, and what we can do to help people based on our strength.

but at the end he wanted me to think clearly before i replied. he said you still don’t know what you wanna become yet, but keep asking and questioning.

i crave for trying and learning many things, I felt, i am loosing time. but i always enjoy to be crave, it makes me sleep late on night, and wanna wake up as early as possible. I bet, my mind don’t wanna waste of my time here.

Journey to Find out what we are good at; most of it? a serendipity

Character Reading; a fingerprint approach.

a month ago i met a Hong Kong Friend, the owner of Miqimiqi, she has specialized skills on reading fingerprint, she read my ten finger nails, and said my character is complex, combination of Dog, Bat, Cat and Peacock.

Dog as outside, shortly means that i easily mingle with people, but inside, i am a Bat, where bat always at the sky, hanging with the head looking from top, makes me has character of reverse thinking and see things more above, broad, and quickly analyze things, which makes my thought can not easily being accepted by people.i always need spoke person to convey or consult about my idea, (this is the role of my greatest friend Bagus (c), Rey (m) , Posma (e) , Sarra (m), Immanuel (m), Vincent (e), Albert (c), Nana (c)), I am fortunate, to have friend who can help me during my life, and constantly give feedback.

  • e = engaged
  • m= married
  • c = complicated

I also a Cat, who like fashion, and Peacock, which always try to be different. based on her research i will be good if i pursue something related to human capital on talent management, fund manager, and project management. that my capability is doing something that not yet happen for now. she even able to state that i got allergy on protein.

Laid back, and dont rush! if you are stress, you will not productive.

I met a combodian-french friend, in his life, he always dealing about luxury life. we talked about life and how is it life to dealt with high net worth individual. it was enchanting conversation, but at the essence, he suggest me not to be too stressful to achieve any plans. when we stress, we will do anything what it takes, but most of time, it is not working. the logic was when u doing hard, you will get the result. he suggest me to try best, but keep on balance between being playful, i think his suggestion has wisdom, that when we stress, our face and behavior, and our internal chemical system, is not shine. so, be playful, be funny. what i like for my name is FAHMI; its a combination between FAK-ME, and FAH-NY, so i am so funny, lets funk me. :). i really happy when my friend said i am idiot, especially when i making fun of my own name, but i like being idiot, no people will bother about idiot question. 🙂 have fun!

Speak Up!!!, and ask question, be curious.

In my life, i used to be seldom to speak what i wanna speak, just keep it, and share it to small number of friend that i trusted.

but in corporate life, this things is not working well, I was so scared to convey my aspiration, because most of my comment tend to hurt other people in a subtle way, especially if i give feedback, probably because i usually the youngest on the room, or too conceptual, or not come from cool education background, also the risk of being boxed, so i tend to avoid conflict.

this model, not working well (i am not saying wrong either), i learned a lot during my learning process at Grad school, I had changed my team more than 8 times, and learning a lot about people character, and what hole that i can fill to make things works. and i now understand that education quality is matters,

when i was in university, student not being push to ask and give strange question or where my friend who always go into International school and lived in several countries, Ms.Johan, “a critical thinking” . but in PMBS, our score generated by questions, and peers feedback, i really fortune that during my grad school, i met smart and inspiring friend such as Sarah, Nurul, Vincent, Putra, and Bang Didit, they gave me plenty of honest and constructive feedback.

recently, In HK,  i had conversation with other HR Head, she spoke to me that i must not let company drive into their own plan, i must communicate my aspirations, since it will makes me able to really performs well.  it suddenly shift my mindset, about i must take everything given, because it is God blessing. what mindset that i had for years, is everything is given, or just luck.

People in here really push me to get what i want, to be what i wanna be, don’t be afraid. it could be cultural and values different, but during my networking pilgrimage in here, i start to believe that is true. it reminds me on Bible verse: “seek ye shall find”, i found it when i was in 20th, in Anand Khrisna Book, and i curious to find out full verse.

Ask, Seek, Knock

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.


when i  learning about pluralism and universal values. suddenly those words just appear in my Path, from friends, and more frequent, it just sounds like de javu.maybe its my turn to knock.

3rd quarter live in Island of FINANCE

I start to love this city, the diversity, is something i adored. i started to gets traction to live in here, more people to know, and interesting way of seeing live.

i also adds Stanford and Berkeley,  when i learned about company that innovate, is from the Valley. and I also has new friends who study at Stanford, and its so inspiring about the way people openly interact each other. they really unique , smart and inspiring on its way.

i just feeling the joy of meeting many interesting people, and it possibly makes my focus shift, not change. those new things happening, is not changed me, but those people helps me to figure out what i am right now. but i must keep on going.

stops, will makes me no where,

recently i learned about strategic procrastination, hopefully i am on that mode. this week i read a book called One thing. internet has makes me do plenty non productive things, read newspaper, watch stock price, seeing social media. hwah, it seems i cant control my self. i thing the book will helps me to figure out, that i must be focus. i still learn to be focus. many distraction lately. hopefully it will be better for next 3 months.

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