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Playing in same battlefield!

Pivot is the most frequent word i heard for last one month. based on Merriam Webster, “the action of turning around a point : the action of pivoting”. it seems a huge force inside of me that i wanna change something inside me. but i don’t know what exactly i must change. I felt it driven by my curiosity.

I was struck by “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” by marshal goldsmith. change is inevitable, but what should i change if I don’t know what I must change?

During  twelve months in Hong Kong. I met and be friend with many people, they are around 5-10 years above me, French, Polish, Italian, British, Hong Kong, Germanic, Dutch, India, Cambodian, Chinese (Ningbo, Shenzen, Beijing, and Shanghai) Korean (Seoul and Busan), Australian (Sidney), San Fransisco, Boston, New York, Singaporean, where i met them in the Company, Club, and Founder Institute Hong Kong.

It is beyond what I had ever dreamed; I can interact with diverse people; i felt thrilled and I felt like I really can be Me, without I try to pleased anyone. maybe it is also part of my last month topic, about an urgency for me to really stand on my ground, and put a strong defense on what I thought and aspired.

I felt, what i learned is just mediocre things compared to what they had learned; seen, and accomplished. In some social event, i felt that my topic is about Indonesia, while their topic about the world. and it increase my curiosity to see them too.

How to go there? how to get more money? work hard? really?

Now i am thinking about working hard is the underlying factor that i must do, but there’s some connection of what these people doing, they are in financial service sector and very well connected, people knows people.  most of them in Venture capitals, Multinational Banks, Investment banks, and Hedge Fund. I also in Financial service too. same game, but different battle field. I played in Indonesia and they played Asia pacific or world.

Someday, I will play in a same battlefield with them

to achieve that, i must have a burning desire and specific things to improve. yeah I will play in same battlefield with them. its a must. Allah bless me, to reach that point.

Coffeewar, October 16th 2016

Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton