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Independence Day – Am I Independent?

I think I am not independent, I still unable to get what i want, anytime i want. that’s my definition of independent. that might be too plain definition. but life is a process to get what we want, what we deserve, and have determination to do all the things required to achieve it.

so for the sake of gets me Independent, i always try to do what i have plan, which during last 8 months i’ve been doing some improvement for accelerate my independence endeavor:

More Run, but Slower Pace 

I did 4 marathons (Sentul, Tokyo, Tahura, Bandung) for last 8 month of 2017. and I grateful that i have a self determination, to finish all of that, however, My Strava indicates my speed is getting slower. my fastest Marathon was 5 hour 11 minutes, but my latest result in Bandung, was 6 hour 30 minutes. my pace degradation is an early warning for me to train harder. but the funny part is i stop smoking since early 2017, but hypothetically my pace should be higher right? but the fact is different with expectation.

More Skills to Learn, becoming A Shapeshifter

2017 is a fanciful year. I worked in business development since September 2016; my job involving create new product for the company and being lead by the best boss that i ever work with, she is smart and back me up when shit happen; then in June 2017, I transferred to the Group HQ in North Jakarta, overseeing all financial services, and force me to learn about risk management.  since in this current role my new boss my job is such a lubricant, or oil. I just wondering how to become the best oil? I still in a transition period from being engine for growth into an Oil. my new organization is in an endeavor to becoming on of biggest financial conglomerates in Indonesia; and i just a part of it, so hopefully i can be a world class oil, i think the best oil is still Shell.

From South to North

I hate north Jakarta. I love south Jakarta. given the fact that i’ve been living in Kelapa Gading for last 3 months, I love south jakarta more. i just cant wait to move to south by early of 2018. the water quality is poor, little bit salty. and I miss my routine in Coffeewar, tahu telor Fatmawati, and Senayan.

So given the fact i still live in North while I want to live in south, its a strong indicator that i am not independent, the company still have power to drive me go to the office.

Jakarta, August 17 2017.