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A Polish in Yogya

It was on early 2010 when I wrote this story, it is important for me to reminisce that I ever tried to work for Sinarmas Bank, Traveling with economy train, and had a luminary Father  (He passed away, 9 years ago at October 23rd 2008). I slightly repair the note to remember his persistence, fortitude, and humility for raising me and my brothers as a single father; It is a boon for me as one of his pedigree.

Once upon a time, I went to Jogja for three days to attend an Management Development Program  test for Bank Sinarmas at Boston School of Banking. I went there by a travel, I never went to Yogyakarta by myself, it stopped at Kaliurang. I stayed in Jogja for 3 days at my niece’s Dorm, she was being a billiard athlete. On the test day, I passed the Psycho-test and Focus Group Discussion session and will be invited for interview test with the Board in the following week.

On the third day, I decided to return to Surabaya by economy train, it only spent IDR 26K; much cheaper than by travel which priced IDR 100k. At 8.30 PM, My Niece took me to the station by her Shogun bike, We were so starving, We didn’t eat anything since afternoon, We took diner in front of Universitas Gajah Mada, We talked about Jogja’s vibrant life, I said to her that it would be interesting if I were choosing Jogja as place for my undergrad, given the fact that I had spent four years live in Malang, “so pity” she said.

Tingtong 9.30 pm. Finally, We arrived at Lempuyangan, the economy train station. I saw an expat (Bule), age around 40, He was sat in front of station stair, He seems upset. I wasn’t  bravely talk to Him, I thought it was so uncommon, an expat to took an economy class. Fortunately I was able to speak in English. I started to collect my bravery, then finally I asked him questions and starting a conversation. His name was Drake, A Finnish who traveled to Jogja alone for seeing Borobudur and Prambanan since he was bored with his friends who only interested to had a diving on Lombok.

Our topic was about “how to pick an appropriate women to accompany our life until the last breath”, Sounds interesting, (but i forgot on how to pick an appropriate women tips). it was a heavy topic at that time, He told a serious story about his life, how did he met his wife, how hard to earn money to pay childbirth, how he pay for school tuition. I was touched, I thought that I must be a strong man. even I was still 21 years old.

His story reminded me on how unswerving my father’s endeavor to raise me and my brothers, for 9 years as a single father of three, commuting daily Bangil – Surabaya, departing 6 AM and return by 6PM, Pay for house bills, tuition, pocket money. even on weekend he also clean our home, I don’t know how did he manage all those thing alone for 9 years since my mother passed away. We bought foods almost everyday since none of us able to cook, except noodle and some recipe from Kartini Magazine, which my mother subscribed when she was alive on 1996-1997. What I admired from my Father are He always gave me the best part of the food, while He just ate the rice and gave me the fried fish, He always reminds me to “be unpretentious, be grateful on what is given, and be cheerful even when You sad”.

Ting-teng. train depart at 11.30 PM.