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May always reminds me of the the beauty of unconditional love, sincerity, and honesty. those three things has becoming my eternal energy for last 12 years on becoming a man who able to have strong foundation, skin on the game, and positively see the future.

May always reminds me to never betray trust, care about health, and the importance of family.  those three things has shaped my life values on becoming a trustworthy,  more healthy , and care about my family.

May always reminds me on my incapability to protect and fight for the most precious thing of My Life because of my own failure to control my adventurous instinct. May always reminds me to be always grateful that God has always, and always be, surround me with lovely person.

May always reminds Me, in life second chance is rare. I always have faith that an abundant mindset will always bring what we envision to coming true.I do still believe on that.  I realized that second chance is like a diamond. Rare.

Remaja. Hivi

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Uber’s Passenger Behavior – Study Jakarta.

I am a Platinum user of Grab Car, Motor, and Food Delivery; although at the beginning I prefer Uber and Gojek. I prefer Grab since it has the most frugal apps; statistically cheaper, many rewards from Grab Pay and it has chat application. I don’t like regular taxi because I need to pay in cash and provide directions during trip. Those impeded me for having siesta, listening Spotify, and reading book during the trip. I used to prefer Transjakarta, but lately I don’t like Transjakarta due its waiting time and the route far form my work location.

Last week I had enchanting dialogue with a Grab Driver; Donald S, He was affable and ardently explain about Uber. He were Uber driver since 2014, but moved to Grab after acquired by Uber at March 2018 due to its fizzled endeavor in South East Asia. He said that Uber has advanced technology and features. Even Uber had weakness for the “on demand” pricing which change depend on demand, never know passengers destination, and the fees. whereas Gojek and Grab price and destination are fixed. What He don’t like from non Uber’s riders are the remote pick up locations and narrow road, dirty shoes during rain, and littering.

He elucidated that he embodied Uber values. for example, during the trip, I left my purse, and Pak Donald called me and swiftly deliver it within 5 minutes. I felt delighted by his prompt action and initiative to call me. Hence I imbued me to write about it. He shared salient vagaries as Uber’s driver that I believed are facts:

#Uber rider is the most courteous passengers. .

  • Uber riders never despised the driver, always call first, trust the map, never cancel the ride without prior notification. while the others, tend to ask driver position, prefer texting, and cancel without prior notification. “Respect the drivers as a person, not “your” driver”

#Uber rider usually expatriate and woman.

  • Women preferred Uber during night trip because they believed on Uber’s driver is well mannered. Women are more vigilant. Expatriate prefer Uber since he do not need cash to pay. While some of non Uber driver try to avoid expatriate due to language capability. Especially those who prefer went out at midnight.

#Uber is the most flexible apps.

  • This morning I had morning trip to Sudirman, however, I had to change the address due to traffic. I asked the driver whether I could change the destination, but he said I can’t change, only Uber Can Change Destination in the midst of trip. Hence I asked Him whether I can add 20K for extending the destination to Senayan. and he said Ok. In This case, I feel Grab also provides flexibility, since on the final bill I can adds the fare by 20K through driver’s apps.

Uber has successfully created loyal drivers by embodied Uber’s values; it successfully attract high-end segment and women; but not succeed attract Indonesian most lucrative Market; the mid low customer.

Coffeewar 30-04-2018 9:39 PM

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