May always reminds me of the the beauty of unconditional love, sincerity, and honesty. those three things has becoming my eternal energy for last 12 years on becoming a man who able to have strong foundation, skin on the game, and positively see the future.

May always reminds me to never betray trust, care about health, and the importance of family.  those three things has shaped my life values on becoming a trustworthy,  more healthy , and care about my family.

May always reminds me on my incapability to protect and fight for the most precious thing of My Life because of my own failure to control my adventurous instinct. May always reminds me to be always grateful that God has always, and always be, surround me with lovely person.

May always reminds Me, in life second chance is rare. I always have faith that an abundant mindset will always bring what we envision to coming true.I do still believe on that.  I realized that second chance is like a diamond. Rare.

Remaja. Hivi

April 31 2018 : 12 PM







































































































































































































































































































































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