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first 5K run and find happiness on Running

sunday 26th, i woke up earlier by 5:30 pm, and directly drove my office car to senayan city. Bank Mandiri was launched its latest TVC through making race 5 K and 10 K run. it was exciting since its my first time to test my stamina to run 5 K,

i trained my self since last year when i was in semarang for ad-hoc duty to leads one of my project branches. and i also join a gym nearby my office only to train my running stamina. usually i run of 3 K within 20″. so by may 25 11:45 pm i transferred my money to join that Game.

actually i got my ankle injured ( i still dont know the cause, since i got it when i follow my friend’s office walk-town in Marque across mayapada tower and indocement tower on early May). but my intention was CIRCLED.

usually on weekend i spend to hangout in kemang for fill my time for being single and dangerous in jakarta, but for this event i didnt do it, and let my body rest earlier around 1 AM.

when i arrived, i started to asked the committee about my registration, but they said due to my late night payment, i cant get the number, as a take off, they gave me participants shirt but dont gave me running number; and promise me to return the money. but well, its not a big deal for my 50K being replaced with clothe.

i started to run with Avicii X you song along the street. and on the first check point i started to lying the committee that my chest number has dropped. and it was fine and i got white bandage. after the finish lane, i also said that my chest number seems to be dropped since i was to serious for running (this is i called focus)…

then they gave me gift contained “e-money” with 50K rupiah inside of it. (so my money has returned in other form). those hand-band has special signature; entitled “Faith” . i finished my running within 26′ for 5 K run. since its my first 5 K, i decided to put it as my basic score. i must be better on next 5 K run. which i believed this kind of event will be frequently held by many organiser in future. by that time, i decided to join next 5 K run by Telkomsel on June 9. a day where my friend Dinda, invites me to her wedding. its a dilemma though. but, let my business trip decided. but, my ambition is still beat my current record into 22″. thanks to my Nautica watch to works properly.

so much cute ladies around

so much cute ladies around

talking about nautica, why i really admired this Watches Brand? when i was young, going to gym is my hobby to fill my time, so its already 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ; 7 years that i routinely go to gym. and my only magazine was Men’s Health Indonesia. one of a kind magazine that i acknowledged has shape my behaviour, attitude, taste and style related to how am i supposed to live. and finally on early May, i bought it, as the most expensive watches that i ever bought.   i am not watch lover like my friend; Rey, who posses Tag Heuer, Gucci, and Massimo Dutti, but i do like for being lil bit chic as my style. not metrosexual

after race, i was so satisfied, since bank mandiri provide us with plenty of bananas and isotonic water. i do agree that this event is TOTAL. seems no budget limitation, its cool. and the participants seems so happy. and for me, i had so much fun, i smiled along my running into finish lane. i smiled since i had 3

kelapa gading with kak dora

kelapa gading with kak dora

bananas and 2 isotonic water. i am happy since i had 8 mie Yamin as an exchange of my 50K e-money.

Run For Your Life.

I hope my party project from february-may could be stopped (or paused) maybe for a while. thank kyu for everlasting weekend proses in bandung and jakarta folks during late 3 months. i appreciate for what we did. and i learned so much. last week i already paid my matriculation tuition in Prasetiya Mulya. the class will be started on June 16. and i Hope i will seriously learn and have positive impact on my intention to enter graduate school. I hope my asia pacific dream, could be achieved by this. and I hope Bapak Ibu Will always give me their blessing, Allah always give me Guidance, and my Deed alway has positive impact for others. keep learning, growing, and mature. i hope my future will be bright, like Diamonds;



A 24 Years Old Bad Boy : December 2012 @coffewar

Cofeewar, December 22th, Routine Place, Same Waitress, but Swift Rain Outside.

I believe, 2012, is special year for me. not because i turned 24, but i felt that my live changed during late 2 years. since i am entering the workplace, flew across java, sumatera, and kalimantan, and dealing with many people.

2012, is year when i love korean music, even i dont know the language. is the year where i finally collected money for entering business school, and year when i decided to set a time for my love life.

Leessang, is the group which attract my attention so much, i played their song almost 200 times at i tunes. then Baek Ji Young, and Mighty Mouth. cant imagine that i have something to be adored. and every time they sing, ignites my desire to be someone who involved in Asia pacific Business. i knew, i am just an ordinary Bangil Child, who try to compete in Jakarta, Indonesian central business. but its my dream. my dream to be involved in National Based business. i Hope, in near future, i can flew accross Asia. like @agnesmo always said: Dream, and make it Happen.






Business School

I am Happy, since now i have enough $ resource to enter a Business school. this afternoon, i just submit my admission into GajahMada University. Honestly, I still wanted to reach my dream; entering the best business school in Indonesia. it is Prasetiya Mulya.  2 weeks ago, i talked to my Directors, about my intention. I need to intensify my communication business skills, which i believed can be explored if i entering a business school. and i choosed prasetiya mulya as my destination. but, He said that I better for me to enter a weekend school, and not hinder my working time. and also, the job he given; require frequent flight into some locations. he anxious it could reduce my productivity, since having graduate school are time consuming. thus, today I attend MMUGM at Tebet. but after i looked the lybrary, i think prasetiya mulya is the fit school for me. just 5 minnutes from my office, and 2 minnutes from my room on foot. could u Imagine, this school is also one of my big motivations on doing my daily job,. everiday, i passed that school…. see the blue signs… in this writing i also wishing, that my intention to enter this school will have some ease.




Love Life,

let me introduce you, to my beloved girlfried. i have long distance relationship with Jazairotin Nikmah, i called her Ninik. she is not beautiful, but, my friend said, she wont embarassed you when you are attending a marriage. she is my college friend at malang state university, we then getting closer since 2007, having Break up so many times, but on 2010, we started a serious relationship.

this year, she gave me something meaningful. she’s the one who sent me picture…

IMG_2546hehe, i don’t meant to be looks so mellow through for the first time of my live, i shared about my relationship. but, i believed that it is the right time, for start sharing my live in this blog, publicly.

i know, i was an introvert person, but it actually not real me, it was my character; when i was young, where i put love is something private and cant be shared. but this time, i wanted to share my happiness, and remember it someday, not because i dont have any intention to put all my good memories in time capsules.



we looked happy arent we?

so, thats my 2012. since the doomday totally a hoax, except jakarta da$n traffict and storm on 211212, i believed that 2013 will be a blue sky for me. time for me to think and execute my dream.

achieving written goals, loving my partner, and contribute more to my families.

i hope, my journey will be more exciting for me,

i wish i can have gold on garuda frequent flyer card. i wish i can go to Jayapura, and abroad.

And, since its a Mother day. i Believe my mother; Lilik rusmiati, is the best mother. event, 1 thing that i remember so deep on her is the way she pinched my skin, she is the best mother for me. i Miss u Mom, and i am sorry, if i did wrong. Your son is on the track to pursue his dream. i hope our family will reach success on their passion.

Selamat Hari Ibu, dan biarkan anakmu, menyongsong 2013 dengan optimisme.


coffewar, 7:00 PM

Jakarta Rain, and my heart is missing you, Ninik.




Chapter X of Serat Niti Sastra; Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders; “Niti Sastra”

Chapter X

One; Humankind

1. Hormati mereka yang berkuasa, perempuan ternama dan berbudi baik pula. Bila menghormati suamimu, hendaknya tanganmu menyentuh dagu. Dan, bila menghormati pemimpin negeri, tanganmu harus menyentuh pucuk hidung.

2. Saat menghormati orangtua dan leluhur, tangan diangkat hingga dahi, antara kening. Dan, angkatlah tanganmu hingga mendedkati kepala saat menghormati seorang guru yang telah membuka pikiranmu. Demikianlah lima cara untuk menghormati masing masing, yang perlu ihafalkan dan dilakukan dengan tertib.

3. Untuk menguji kesetiaan bawahanmu, berilah dia pekerjaan berat. Bila ia tidak mengeluh, tetap setia dan hormat, maka tingkatkan derajatnya. Kemudian uji pula kejujurannya dalam urusan keuangan. Bila terbukti jujur, ujilah ketetapan hatinya lewat seorang perempuan. Jika hatinya tidak guncang, saatnya kau memberikan padanya pekerjaan yang lebih berat, untuk menguji keberaniaannya. Ia yang lulus dalam semua ujian itu, sungguh sangat berguna bagimu.

Chapter IX of Serat Niti Sastra; Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders; “Niti Sastra”

Chapter IX

Men must be governed by God- or they will be governed by tyrants

  1. Orang boleh saja hidup mewah dan dihormati banyak orang karena kaya, asal dirinya selalu sadar, waspada, dan berpikiran jernih, berhati baik dan bijaksana. Orang bodoh hanya memikirkan sanggama dan makanan. Hidupnya sia-sia, bagaikan hewan.
  2. Hidup di dunia hendaknya kau tidak lupa menunaikan kewajibanmu terhadap sesama manusia. Hormati para suci, dan para tamu walaupun asing bagimu; hormati orang tua, leluhur, para guru, dan alam sekitarmu. Jagalah nama baik keluargamu; pulihkan nama baik leluhurmu bila terjadi kesalahan di masa lalu; itulah tugas serta kewajibanmu.
  3. Pengendalian lima inera membebaskan diri dari segala perbuatan tercela; menimba ilmu dari para suci membebaskan jiwa dari segala noda. Bersikaplah santun terhadap seorang tamu, walau tak dapat kau jamu.
  4. Pekerjaan  yang dapat mengharumkan nama hendaknya tidak sekali-kali ditangguhkan. Layani sesama manusia, bantulah mereka yang haus dan kelaparan. Nama baik dan kebahagiaan yang kau peroleh dengan melayani tidak kurang dari segala kenikmatan surgawi.

Chapter VIII of Serat Niti Sastra; Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders; “Niti Sastra”

Chapter VIII

Wishing guidence from The Divine One…

  1. Cahaya matahari berlebihan di pagi hari merusak badan dan berakibat tidak baik. Berbagai macam penyakit juga disebabkan olehnya. Cahaya matahari sore sudah tidak terlampau panas, menyejukkan badan dan menyiraminya dengan semangat. Hindari api besar yang dapat membakar, karena tidak membantu pertumbuhannmu. Anggaplah setiap pekerjaan sebagai persembahan, supaya tidak menjadi angkuh dan selamat dari kebinasaan.
  2. Lenyaplah kilauan wajahmu bila kau tidak berbagi berkahmu dengan mereka yang kurang beruntung darimu. Lenyapklah kilauan wajahmu bila kau masih muda namun tidak berpenghasilan tidak memiliki harta. Saat itu, wajahmu seperti seorang tua renta, tampak hangus terbakar, walau memiliki kedudukan dan harta.
  3. Ada lima orang atau kelompok orang yang patut kau hormati sebagai orangtua: mereka yang menolong jiwamu saat kau dalam bahaya; mereka yang membantumu tanpa pamrih, dan tidak berharap apa-apa. Para pengajar dan guru yang menyucikan jiwamu. Dan tentu saja kedua orangtua yang telah melahirkanmu.
  4. Harta dan wanita, itulah dua penyebab utama pertikaian, pertengkaran, antara sesama manusia. Seorang bijakpun dapat terpengaruh olehnya, sehingga ia lupa keluarga, guru, dan orangtua. Hanya orang yang senantiasa sadar  dapat terhindar darinya. Baginya harta benda dan wanita tak lebih dari segumpal tanah.
  5. Seorang bodoh di puji di lingkungan rumahnya sendiri. Seorang pejabat tinggi dihormati di wilayah kekuasaannya sendiri. Seorang pemimpin yang berani dijunjung tinggi oleh rakyat senegeri. Namun, orang bijak berhati bersih di mana pun dihormati, dan di puji-puji.
  6. Jangan bersahabat dengan orang jahat. Bergaulah dengan mereka yang berhati baik dan bijak. Janganlah menunda perbuatan baik. Layani dan berdermalah selalu tanpa pilih kasih dan memandang bulu. Hidup tidak kekal, dan penuh dengan ketidakpastian. Sementara itu, kematian adalah sebuah kenniscayaan, sebuah kepastian. Walau tak seorangpun tahu persis kapan maut datang dan menjemputnya setiap orang harus meninggalkan seluruh  harta kekayaannya. Sebab itu, selagi masih hidup, bergurulah pada seorang bijak; biarlah ia menuntun seluruh langkahmu , demi keselamatan dirimu,

Chapter VII of Serat Niti Sastra; Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders; “Niti Sastra”

Chapter VII

Human planning- God Deciding.

1. Perhatikan letak kepalamu saat tidur, demikian yang tertulis dalam buku-buku. Bila di timur: kau akan panjang umur; bila di utara: kau mendapatkan banyak harta.

2. Di barat: mematikan rasa cinta terhadapmu. Para sahabat setia pun mulai membencimu. Di selatan: menyebabkan duka dan memperpendek usia.

Chapter VI of Serat Niti Sastra; Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders; “Niti Sastra”

Chapter VI

Berjalan- tuk mencapai tujuan.

  1. Tiada guna memberi sedekah kepada orang kaya. Tiada guna memberi makan kepada orang yang sudah kenyang. Tiada berguna pula air hujan yang jatuh di laut. Walau memberi, tiga macam pemberian itu tidak berarti.
  2. Cinta terhadap kebenaran, itulah sifat utama seorang pemimpin. Sebab itu, berusahalah selalu, untuk berada di jalur yang benar. Kepalsuan dan kebohongan, sunguh sangat mengerikan, hanya mendatangkan penderitaaan, hukuman, dan kebinasaan. Sebab itu, berpegang teguhlah pada kebenaran, walau kau harus berkorban.
  3. Berbohong dan menipu seekor hewan saja mendatangkan bencana bagi manusia. Apalagi membohongi sesama manusia, dan berusaha menipu Yang Maha Kuasa. Di atas segalanya adalah berbohong dengan seorang Guru. Tiada hentinya bencana dan siksaan bagimu untuk itu.
  4. Namun adapula kebohongan yang tiada mendatangkan hukuman. Untuk melindungi nyawa dan harta benda yang hendak di rampas, saat bersenda-gurau, berpesta, dan saat pertama pengantin.