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Hong Kong Founder Institute – Spring Program

I knew Founder Institute 2 years, ago when i was in final year in prasetiya mulya business school. i interested to join a start-up community, but fortunately my company assigning me to Hong Kong, to learn Mandarin and Accounting.and last winter, i attended introduction session, and decided to join to make my time in Hong Kong “more” fruitful; out of previously I already plan to help one of my mentor, create a business plan about coffee. and what a godsend, i accepted to join the program.

It was amazing experience since i expended my time to learn about create a business idea to be implemented. unfortunately i dropped out a month ago, I only attended 10 meeting out of 14. during this program, my idea was  coloni.  a marketplace to provide directly sourced Indonesia coffee. I dropped out because there’s a requirement to establish a company in Hong Kong. where i found it will derail me from my purpose of being in Hong Kong. but I think, being part of it is truly the best experience by far.


Mentor Idea Review II

what I admired for long time is working collaboratively with friend from different country. i know that my company, is a multinational company with Asia focus. but i have desire to work people from diverse countries, education background, and language. and FI Hong Kong is the best place to learn.

during the learning, i also met passionate and insightful directors, which helps me a lot during my learning process, such as Leo Ku, Andrea, and Jeff broer, and inspiring mentor such as Derek Kwik a venture capitalist, who gave me plenty and detailed feedback, from presentation, idea communication, even deck; even he is so busy, he still have time for early morning meeting, to adjust towards my schedule since i need to work at the airport. Devin Ehrig, a venture capitalist, who give a lot of feedback about my coffee business, since he used to be doing his business about trading blue mountain coffee when he was in Hawai, also suggest me to create a legal entity in country where my business should be located, Indonesia. Amit Chattergie who gave me insight of how to make cafe experience into my website.

during the learning process, we also need to change group, i have different group each months.

My first Group

during the first month, what i learned mostly about Idea generation and customer development. where i did research about customer needs and want. but one thing most important also team dynamic, since we never know each other, but must working together and have regular meeting. we usually meet at coffee academics as confluence point.

our Idea ranging from translation service, health care, web development,calendar, and coffee (which is mine)


Brown Group

my second group

During this session, me and marco drop out, since both of us not finish to create a company. in this session, i did many first time experience: create my first website on my self. our idea ranging from Neighborhood, calendar, integrated insurance, and parking apps. we usually choose Holly Brown as confluence point. majority of us come from financial service. one thing I really missed about this group is they really give me plenty of constructive feedback and support.


Blue Group


finally, on Monday 18, only 7 graduated from 25 participant. its totally true that only those who persevere able to finish. its really enchanting moment to see my friend graduated. I hope i also can finish what i start like they did. i hope i wont lost thrust to keep on learn and implement my ideas.


FI Spring 2016 graduation night

lesson learned by FI program:

  1. Focus on customer needs. i really need to met customer, doing interview, and mentoring, something that i usually only doing on internet. this new behavior, hopefully will give me a new capability to reach anyone anytime. it also one of my handicap since the gap between indonesia and hong kong is too far on customer behavior. in here people using nescafe Pod dolce gusto in their home, and easy to find out freshly roasted coffee, also i unable to bring my product to make customer experience it. (so now i understand customer experience and feedback loop is imperative)
  2. Be passionate and Authentic; something that you really wanted to build from scratch and you will persevere to do for minimum 10 years. (i still not know my passion, this is also the reason i read plenty self development books). this things still being my problem, but during the FI process, i met various mentors who gave me some insight on what should i do, search, and develop.
  3. Be Fast, where it also shown by creating MVP, or minimum viable product. what i learned from theory, and work experience is we must be perfect in front of customer, but in here, perfection slow things down. and it influenced the way i worked, i put a new thing in my mindset that perfection slow me down, let makes imperfection as a way for us to gain a feedback loop.
  4. Team Dynamics: be on time, speak up, be present, and respect to others opinion. i learned it a lot during my study at PMBS, FIFgroup, and in here what different is working together and maintain good communication with multi countries friend. where i thing it is the most luxurious thing i got by far.
  5. Think BIG, International – i used to think only about Indonesia. but in Hong Kong, it designed to rule the world, or at least Asia. where i doing deep research about world coffee industry, players, and recent changes. where i found really helps me see through US and china market.
  6. Persevere; most of graduates, are very inspiring, they have energy sparked from their eyes, i think those are the eye of founders. they also have high degree of confidence.
  7. Be prepared, Practice, Practice, Practice: during my early learning process, i though i don’t need to practice, but there’s a session called hot seat, a 60 second pitch to convey our ideas. also mentor idea review where most of prominent mentor evaluate our idea in 90 second. also never be late, since customer wont wait you, if you failed to deliver, you are done. so this is important that i must never miss any schedule.
  8. Hong Kong efficient legal process. to create a company in Jakarta, you will need two directors, and await for 30 days. in hong kong you only need 5 days maximum. (it also shown that we need to be better as Indonesian), and cost wise, in Hong Kong is cheaper.
  9. Start-up accelerator program – in here i learn about how the curriculum, and content of class being managed. i have curiosity to learn about start up, where i only read on book, but during this spring, i being part of it, even not graduated (but i wont be languished by that – its a fun experience).

overal my spring in Hong Kong, is exciting, strenuous, many serendipity, many people helps me out, both in Hong Kong and Jakarta. I really apologize for my futility, that i dropped out of the program merely for legal reason. but I believe my decision is well thought. congratulation for your new endeavor guys.

Royal Terrace. QB





what you will be for the next 10 years?

an intriguing question, by a mentor where green mountain coffee are from, a venture capital consultant, at a Bar around Wan Chai,

I replied by i wanna be a strategy consultant, venture capitalist, or entrepreneur, a job that makes me interact with many inspiring people that will make me inspired, always moving and improving, I have a faith, along my life, i learned from people whom i believed distinguished than the others.

if i reflect into my plan 5 years ago, my aspiration was being a Branding and marketing consultant.the fact i am doing operations, and marketing for last 5 yeras. i just know that the coolest thing in this world, is what Pak Hermawan Kertajaya said on Markplus, finally i get a picture with him on 2014, at Ubud. He is my Rock Star.

Now, it shift, into company such as  McKinsey, Standford, Harvard, Y combinator, Wall Street Journal, Google Venture, where i read many literature related to those cool place, and i met and have conversation with some people who was there, and that people, is fakin awesome, Innovative, and risk taker. the gap of knowledge, speed, and capability, is still far below, this always make me paranoid of not being able to catch up.

the perjalanan, masih panjang. i think live is such a business model, our value proposition, keep evolved, in accordance with the customer segment #Leanbusinessmodel

so I asked, how you be in this position? what makes you become you are now?

he also told about his stories about his journey, meeting inspiring people, through serendipity, that his friend introduce him to a friend, which is an owner of a company, and those guy asked to join the company, and he took the challenged, and his life changed into more exciting life, but it need process.

then, we both agreed that, by meeting more people, the right people, right moment, and right purpose, we will find the path, on what we are good at, and what we can do to help people based on our strength.

but at the end he wanted me to think clearly before i replied. he said you still don’t know what you wanna become yet, but keep asking and questioning.

i crave for trying and learning many things, I felt, i am loosing time. but i always enjoy to be crave, it makes me sleep late on night, and wanna wake up as early as possible. I bet, my mind don’t wanna waste of my time here.

Journey to Find out what we are good at; most of it? a serendipity

Character Reading; a fingerprint approach.

a month ago i met a Hong Kong Friend, the owner of Miqimiqi, she has specialized skills on reading fingerprint, she read my ten finger nails, and said my character is complex, combination of Dog, Bat, Cat and Peacock.

Dog as outside, shortly means that i easily mingle with people, but inside, i am a Bat, where bat always at the sky, hanging with the head looking from top, makes me has character of reverse thinking and see things more above, broad, and quickly analyze things, which makes my thought can not easily being accepted by people.i always need spoke person to convey or consult about my idea, (this is the role of my greatest friend Bagus (c), Rey (m) , Posma (e) , Sarra (m), Immanuel (m), Vincent (e), Albert (c), Nana (c)), I am fortunate, to have friend who can help me during my life, and constantly give feedback.

  • e = engaged
  • m= married
  • c = complicated

I also a Cat, who like fashion, and Peacock, which always try to be different. based on her research i will be good if i pursue something related to human capital on talent management, fund manager, and project management. that my capability is doing something that not yet happen for now. she even able to state that i got allergy on protein.

Laid back, and dont rush! if you are stress, you will not productive.

I met a combodian-french friend, in his life, he always dealing about luxury life. we talked about life and how is it life to dealt with high net worth individual. it was enchanting conversation, but at the essence, he suggest me not to be too stressful to achieve any plans. when we stress, we will do anything what it takes, but most of time, it is not working. the logic was when u doing hard, you will get the result. he suggest me to try best, but keep on balance between being playful, i think his suggestion has wisdom, that when we stress, our face and behavior, and our internal chemical system, is not shine. so, be playful, be funny. what i like for my name is FAHMI; its a combination between FAK-ME, and FAH-NY, so i am so funny, lets funk me. :). i really happy when my friend said i am idiot, especially when i making fun of my own name, but i like being idiot, no people will bother about idiot question. 🙂 have fun!

Speak Up!!!, and ask question, be curious.

In my life, i used to be seldom to speak what i wanna speak, just keep it, and share it to small number of friend that i trusted.

but in corporate life, this things is not working well, I was so scared to convey my aspiration, because most of my comment tend to hurt other people in a subtle way, especially if i give feedback, probably because i usually the youngest on the room, or too conceptual, or not come from cool education background, also the risk of being boxed, so i tend to avoid conflict.

this model, not working well (i am not saying wrong either), i learned a lot during my learning process at Grad school, I had changed my team more than 8 times, and learning a lot about people character, and what hole that i can fill to make things works. and i now understand that education quality is matters,

when i was in university, student not being push to ask and give strange question or where my friend who always go into International school and lived in several countries, Ms.Johan, “a critical thinking” . but in PMBS, our score generated by questions, and peers feedback, i really fortune that during my grad school, i met smart and inspiring friend such as Sarah, Nurul, Vincent, Putra, and Bang Didit, they gave me plenty of honest and constructive feedback.

recently, In HK,  i had conversation with other HR Head, she spoke to me that i must not let company drive into their own plan, i must communicate my aspirations, since it will makes me able to really performs well.  it suddenly shift my mindset, about i must take everything given, because it is God blessing. what mindset that i had for years, is everything is given, or just luck.

People in here really push me to get what i want, to be what i wanna be, don’t be afraid. it could be cultural and values different, but during my networking pilgrimage in here, i start to believe that is true. it reminds me on Bible verse: “seek ye shall find”, i found it when i was in 20th, in Anand Khrisna Book, and i curious to find out full verse.

Ask, Seek, Knock

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.


when i  learning about pluralism and universal values. suddenly those words just appear in my Path, from friends, and more frequent, it just sounds like de javu.maybe its my turn to knock.

3rd quarter live in Island of FINANCE

I start to love this city, the diversity, is something i adored. i started to gets traction to live in here, more people to know, and interesting way of seeing live.

i also adds Stanford and Berkeley,  when i learned about company that innovate, is from the Valley. and I also has new friends who study at Stanford, and its so inspiring about the way people openly interact each other. they really unique , smart and inspiring on its way.

i just feeling the joy of meeting many interesting people, and it possibly makes my focus shift, not change. those new things happening, is not changed me, but those people helps me to figure out what i am right now. but i must keep on going.

stops, will makes me no where,

recently i learned about strategic procrastination, hopefully i am on that mode. this week i read a book called One thing. internet has makes me do plenty non productive things, read newspaper, watch stock price, seeing social media. hwah, it seems i cant control my self. i thing the book will helps me to figure out, that i must be focus. i still learn to be focus. many distraction lately. hopefully it will be better for next 3 months.

Quarry Bay|Royal terrace|HK

June 8th 2016, 00.05




weather forecast that matters

in past 27 years, i infrequent concerned on weather. i believed 90% that it wont be rain. thus; i never go out and prepared for the rain. but i was wrong. geographic matters. in Tropical area, rain is frequent to happen but i always never think about it,, but not in sub tropical. and weather changes so fast; even cant predict possibility when it stop or will be heavier.

it not a big matters though, since in my phone equipped by weather forecast. but its like a soft skills, its there, but it not useful unless u use it. My tendency to think that everything will be happening as i planned, can be ruined by weather. where in business its call natural risk.

in Java, people do ask for “rain master” (the only term that i think cool for Pawang Hujan – whereas in Formula 1 it means a driver who have capability to race and win during rain), to avoid their big event (especially wedding), and the do lots of mystical things, such as  using java ancient calendar; such as avoid passed away date of male ancestor, the date of disposal of umbilical cord, or matches date between couple. where some others more magical, such as put the bride underwear on top of roof, put together Egg, Chili, and Onion and paper containing ancient spells and wrapped into white clothe, even the family prohibited to take bath a day before the big day. and the price of Rain Master could reach 2 Billion IDR.

but, those story, is a reminder to my self, to emphasize weather as a big factor in future. at the moment, i was too lazy to put weather as risk that imperative.

how can i adjust the sail if i only use intuition to adjust?

how can i weather the storm, if i never care about the weather?

this is what i called only focused on internal strength and disregard of external force. that can change how things going, then changed how the things played.

i think this writing come from my sloppy behavior, that i use my Tropical Mindset, not subtropical mindset. it seems that every changes in weather, i got terrible flu. in December and in April. where it’s a condition where the nature condition changes, from 30 degree into 8 degree, then from 8 degree into 22 degree. i was sloppy; for rarely bring umbrella even I know the apps said it will be rain, I thought i always can endure changes. fact, was not. i needed to go to doctor, I missed events I planned for long time, especially running events and cure my paranoia on learning to make a balanced sheet balance.

anyway, i know; probably skills that i need to learn in here, should be more serious than weather. How if there’s a cool thing such as weather forecast for our future, that would be interesting isn’t it? a tools to forecast what would you become on your 50th? with whom you will be with? or the face of your baby if you make it with someone? it will changed a lot, but is that interesting?

For me not, i like ad-venture (i slightly uncertain this is the correct words, since adventure should be like those in the national geographic hunting a crocodile, or easily moved to different places like 007 and missionary impossible- assumed it is only a condition where its a lot of appetite to know,understand, feel, see, (and all the 5 senses) something new), where certainty is not certain. i like the unpredictability, or incomplete information, to keep me feel interested on what things that will be happening time after time; but  deep inside; i do have strong reason to believe that what i venture in, is worth to pursue. the “worth”, then become so subjective.

I do understand, when people get older, tend to pursue certainty, predictability, and then come status quo. i don’t know, at the end of the day, i will be the first or the second. but i really enjoy the journey.

During the last two months, I’m starting to get the traction of living here. i did run more than 30K possibly 3 times. i spend around 6-7 hours doing trail run (i did sleep on the apex of the hills and walk when i tired when it not race), and it could be best tools to kills my time, enjoy scenery, and meeting exceptional runner at the same time. I have bimonthly weekend visit to the Central Library, where i can read my favorite magazines without pay anything, except transportation cost. it makes my day for the last 4 months feels so fast. Plenty of excitement when it comes into weekend. its an excitement too when it comes to weekday since JCI gets into 4.900 on last week, more exciting nights since more friends shares their story, aspirations, and knowledge during lunch and diner time.

Anyway my curiosity, this months i think leads to  some figures, which is T.P Rachmat, Sandiaga U, and Patric W, I watched their videos, and those people really excites me. i don’t know, but what they doing, seems interesting.

A. TP Rachmat on how he build his  Triputra when he got 55, and his regret, for not buying AI for $65 Mio at 1999. and how he construct concept to create a strong corporation with 3 formula:


1.  STRONG wind

2. Unique

3. Leverage

B. Sandiaga U for his perfect timing and the way he build Recapital; where he said that failure is part of succeed; and 5 years after what he said is really happening now. from woman equality, and avoid dependency on natural resource by build strong downstream business and SME enteprises.

C. Patric W, then become head of Chamber of Commerce for start-up, and his aspirations of free competition.

D. Tom L, on how he talk about sound outlook and optimism about the country.

after all, watching those videos really lit my spirit up.

it will be more adventure for 3  months to come; hopefully plans will be done exceptionally.

-Understand the weather, then you can weather the storm. understand the wind, and you can adjust the sail-

QB.Aprill 23rd





a single slip, that ruins

I fascinated by Chinese new year, by February 8, a moment where i ran for 25.67 KM wearing a red jacket to Cyberport 2. a destination that i imagined to be the things i will pursued on. I wasn’t expecting, that it was my last day to run; at least until this writing created.

First time of my life, my ankle  injured on the 3rd day of Lunar. not by a race, but because of a price tag of  a Birkenstock’s soles and listening navigation song by Mighty Mouth; that dilutes my concentration (and other imaginations i had). Sloppy, I wasn’t carefully watch my steps, on my way down through the small cubed stairs, in front of Kebab House 27 at Hollywood road to get a Wonton noodle, internet said, it would get me never ending fortunes for the rest of the year.

It was loud, “crack” voice, such a voice of Roma cracker being crunched without put it inside a hot milk.people tried to helps me by asking me for let them call ambulance, but i wasn’t expecting it would makes me handicapped.

My  ankle; swelling. tripled its normal curve. I still continued to eat noodle. since my purpose was to eat noodle.

a week before, i talked to my friend that we must stick to the plan, even terrible things happen. being inflexible and stick to the plan even things goes wrong could be fun, it was a perfect Wonton Noodle anyway. I ate while withstanding the pain.

I went to Doctor the day after, the roentgen result shown my bones is fine, but ligament, wrecked; need 10 days to recover, the doctor said. and i believed it. and today is the 20th days; getting better but it still psychologically gain its confidence back, and difficult for perfect praying movement.

Yesterday, i represented my company. a 15 KM trail run (its a hike anyway since it was only 10 minnutes/km. finally i ran again for the first time, but slow. and it was boring to be slow. i couldn’t jump or maneuver along the way. not going run, for days made me felt unfulfilled, loosing a habit.

i grateful the importance of my feet, as my asset to create value, where i can get stress and mental release during exercise session.

No point for regret, it is a warning; from the Lord, not too put 100% trust on fortune teller said about doing things; eventually if the fortune teller is from the internet. I consulted with my mandarin teacher, that it was only a stereotype to do those things.

Its fun to make ludicrous of our self isn’t it. Doing things that misaligned with main purpose, what i my equity analyst friend called a random walk. like Dharmagandul said, The Chinese was too smart that it creates varies of letter and font, while Javanese not develop that, but develop Budhi. but i did something that i believed i had to do; driven by curiosity, guts, and good intention. which I convinced (more than before); it made from perseverance and consistency; not by a bowl noodle, red clothes, and clean up the house with wet clothes that i did.

actually i had some misfortune at Chinese new year, where my credit card stolen (or possibly tumbled) during my running session, and it was my fault not to follow my instinct to put it in my 2XU pant.i must have been more careful thereafter.

February is so bumpy. many misfortunes happened. i don’t know what kind of Karma i had, but i believed i did something wrong. my mind and body was not well in sync. and i start to belief on my self alert more than before. If you are in Doubt, Better not do, and evaluate thoroughly. sounds rhetoric.

today is a leap year. talking about a leap, i remember one of my conversation with my friend, on what i could do after i return in Jakarta. i barely have no Idea on what i can do or achieve later on, i only able to improve my self, sharpening my saw. related to result, we never know. people talk about leap, i talk about orchestrating improvement that enhance my capability to be on par with those whom i admired.

life is not like invest in a stock portfolio, which we can hedge the risks by diversification, and waiting long term return that generated by earning per share.

life is a Venture. if you like, buy and manage, and reap the return. if you don’t like, exit.

it could be mystify if there’s plenty venture opportunity anyway.

so, do you think stocks portfolio and Venture is tantamount? never mind, but do protect your asset, especially if it creates return that leads you to your destination(s)

QB. 23.59 2016|2|29th My Way, Frank Sinatra





Monkey Year | be Optimist, Intelligent, Agile

Gōngxǐ fācái, Bùbù gāoshēng

Lunar is coming, it’s a Monkey. Monkey is Intelligent, optimistic, confident, agile, curious, I put the positive traits, since I believed if at least those traits can be mastered, would make me a better person. So what I got on internet about Dragon on 2016?

“In 2016, everything takes a turn for the better. In career, they are given more opportunities to utilize their talents, and their brilliant performance will help them get promotion. Luck in wealth is also prosperous, and they may attempt to invest in new projects, which may enables them to make a fortune. Interpersonal relationships are also favorable, and there is no big problem in their fitness.”

I only believed truth teller if its good. So if its not good, I will soon get my brain activated its amnesia module. anyway, i also read some activities that will bring luck on Chinese new year, I cleaned my floor, table, with wet clothes today, they also suggested me to buy a new clothes, red color to bring luck. while my office colleague suggested me to use red underwear to bring luck.

I wasn’t made any resolutions from the Christ new year. I merely try to avoid myself into a “flat zone”, but its vague. I was so random; I walked with no purpose, during January. I had plenty energy, my mind jump around from here to there, but no crystal clear purpose, unfocused. Such a Rambo, hit everything randomly with M15; but it was Sniper bullet; a misfit. leads me into additional 3kgs weight, from my ideal 71kgs. it’s a mess.

Something gone wrong. Seems the system got a malware. Even I could defense that due to winter, my body need for fat to keep my organ warm. I must try to configure what the short term, steps are set, but not structured. It such finding file on my mac, but cant get the file quickly. A lag; sign of arising problem.

Last Wednesday on bimonthly Centraller toastmaster at City Hall, Recital, 1st Speaker talk about “good to be great”, I read the book years ago, his speech remind  me of bravery to take a risk and face challenges. 2nd talk about marriage, not for waiting to long. 3rd about Goliath, killed by David, but if you are the Goliath, what would you do to face David if there’s a second chance? Where’s the location of war? What strength you are going to improve to win?

I tried to correlate it with my life, I have to do something, decide where to play, and how to win, and capabilities I must acquire, and systematically apply it. not to play to play; but play to win. At least I must focus on things that going to happen this year, and 5 year to come. When I get 28 and 32.

Tonight I contacted my friend, Boss Ucup, an old friend, who allowed me to stay in his home, privileged me to study on his big and woody dining table, enjoy all supply food he had, and comfortable bed. He said about to be focused, Porridge can’t be a rice. Focus on things ahead, and grab the chance, or somebody else will, be decisive. Deep inside, I still have faith; that the best chance, is worth to wait, best chance will landed on the best landed zone. So, I must keep my self improved to become perfect matched landed zone, without s.

Anyway, I started to do somethings that I only thinking of. I hope I can do more things, not just only think and analyze risk and return. Some of it are:

Invest on stocks. Activated account I prepared since June 15, bought stocks I planned for long time. Things I only imagined when I read JP and BI for last five years. Exercise lesson from Investment class. I also subscribed into WSJ. It was lucky, since on Friday closing JCI hit 4700. As a hint, in the future, business that will emerge are: Healthcare & Beauty, Construction, and Chemical. But bank also good too. But it was too expensive, price to earning was too high.

Trail Marathon Race. during late 6 weeks, i never skipped a weekend without trail run.  trail run is different, it makes me more prepared before run. I never had any equipment before, only Asics shoes, a 55:45 Joint Venture result of my fortune in Macau; to gambled for 1st time with Mr.Vincent & Petrus, where my $100 become $2000 in 2 hours. I split 50% to my friend; I understood, gamble is forbidden, I shared the guilt to reduce my sin.

Now I am well equipped, There’s GPS watch,cap,windbreaker,water system. I thought this equipment just a joke or to make me feel cool, but it give me lesson, that Trail, is not a Road. We never know, what really going to happen, it could be tycoon, rain, or cold temperature.

Trail run such a life, its not a flat track, You know the route, weather, and distance. In trail, there’s peaks and valleys, weather changes quickly, lots of rocks and mud, even snake and boar.

Those dynamics and risky trait of trail, really excite me, pump my adrenaline. Challenged me to be Quick, Agile, and Persistence. Quick because probably boar will run for you, of course not, its because those in trail has higher speed than roadrunner, Agile because of unknown difficulties, and persistence because its requires long distance.

My 1st trail, was join a social-trail run, hosted by Jan Littlewood (until lately i found he made lots of records on most trail track in HK), the concept of social run: run as strong as you can, eat and drink (alot) afterwards. This group informed me about King of The hill race series. Last week was my 1st race marathon, it was 36KM the longest run I ever had. The fastest was Michael Skobierski by 03:35:47 and me by 06:23:18. 3 hours gap with the champion.  I ranked 120 of 160.

Podium, is just an ambition now, Can I run that fast? My leg, it little bit curved, mine is not a runner leg, it is a karate leg. I unable to overhaul my leg though, but I have a faith on progress of routine and discipline. will at least helps me to be finished on 80th position for my next race.

CIMA While my CIMA still on math paper. In this case, I think I can mastered it for the next quarter. as i mentioned, my weaknesses is on number, i always avoided dealt with number. Until recently I heard about international competence, this is one of my passport to be able to work everywhere, including at home. Home of Chicago Bulls. Some of my UK friend, scored high on this test, but the other one, Singaporean friend, he already did the strategic level CIMA on his 3rd year. They really smart. I take it as motivation.

Happy Chinese New year, hope We become More intelligent, More Optimist, More Agile.  Start doing

QB.HK. 2.46 AM.

Hardrockfm JKT– kiss me Olly Murs.

the opportunity cost – concept

it is 10:20 PM; 21 C. i am alone at Royal Terrace Flat; here at Quarry Bay. it’s been few days after my flat mate back to Jakarta for celebrate Christmast with his family and fiancee; while i am here; calculating my finance capability; about how to own a property when i get older as now. its haunting my mind since of course i am getting old and need shelter.

my decision is not to back to my hometown, and decide Jakarta as my second destination. where i think Jakarta will be my Hub to connect everywhere. so its vital for me to own one.

so how about House or Apartment? it is also something that i need to answer, my mentor(s) said that better to own house than Apartment, and it no need to be in the center of city (this is also a big question to me? i wanted in the center of the city, not the outer city) just at least you have one. while in my opinion, my concept is the closed my location to the city, or at least my working location, airport, entertainment, and social life, will make my life efficient. thus deep in side of my heart i will choose apartment.

the concept of “opportunity cost” – I live in Jakarta for 5 years; and i always live nearby office back to south Jakarta where i can access any strategic places within 30 minutes, and various options of transportation, car, taxi, angkot, bus (metromini, kopaja, qantas bima), bike, even running. and i rarely felt the stressfull of Jakarta traffic (so i always says to my friend that its a black campaign from other neighboring country to divert its investment into Indonesia). everything is efficient.

but, i also ever live for a while with my friend in pancoran area, the central of jakarta but it takes almost 25 minnutes only to survive the redlight, 3 hours into the airport, even the distance is shorter than my location. i just wondering the other folks who wake at 5 am, and depart on 5:30 and arrived at the office by 8, and get back on time by 17:00 and arrived at home at 19:00 or 20:00. it spend almost 4 hours at the street. in case you not having any business trip (which is the most luxurious thing from my previous company and i really miss that moment), with 5 weekdays, it will be 20 Hours or 80 hours per month spending time for transportation.

until now, i felt it my self. i thought its a Karma for me because I always proud about my efficient and effective time management. and now, i work at the airport and felt the same thing, even in HK, its rare to have traffic jam and efficient MTR system. i spend at least 3 hours for transportation. where i start to adapt to use my time to read or hear podcast to learn cantonese and mandarin; sometimes some mckinsey pdcast.

at this moment, i felt my life is not efficient not effective. i tried to bring book? but slept during my departure by bus, i listen up to podcast? but i slept during my return by train, or sometimes just being distracted by korean tourist or flight attendant. but i felt its not effective, but i believe that we don’t have any options, but we do have options to only sleep, talk with stranger or use our time effectively.

I really scared about time utilization, even i am not a business man (yet), but i do respect time allocation, If i dont have to take those 3 hours traverse time, i believe i will have plenty of hours to learn books that i already downloaded freely on torrent (which is top of Strait times or WSJ reading list). i can use my time more to learn mandarin and cantonese.

but, blaming condition, i belive is not worth at all. again, one thing we can do is adjust the sail. i try to pleased my self to accept this condition, and force my self to keep learn, read, and listen during my trip back and forth to the office.

so based on those experience, argument, and what i felt now, i think i still prefer to live in the center of the city, the quickest solution is pick an apartment, and home also in center. the first option could be executable, but the second one; its a attacking question.

during this week i browse internet, and i think i know, wheres my admired location to live. not BSD but Bintaro. its green, and i think has very good environment, and i never do price research before, but last time i see is at least i need more than 1 billion to have a house over there. a very big number, but at least i have new purpose now.

to own property nearby the city area. then, after i meditate at least 3 days lately,  i think i must have capital, and to have capital, u need to work, work can be from salary based job, or create your own.

for me i only have the first now, but hopefully i can do the second, very soon.

it reminds me about one of final statement of my mandarin teacher, about chinese verse on when u get 30. and also supported by Esquire guide that i ever read about “never eat and sleep on the same place when u reach 30”.

my point are:

  1. as we get old, we need to stand on our feet –> i try to motivate my self to be self sufficient and plan for the long term.
  2. work harder if you dont have any capital –> i try to motivate myself
  3. use time effectively, that time is cannot be rewind. its the most precious gift –> productivity

11.24 HK time RT –



27th; what would it be when you live until 80th .

It was common, people born in Indonesia has live around 63; its also stated to be holly in javanese moslem; since Prophet Muhammad SAW; passed away when He was 63. But it was quiet intriguing, since lately I have intense learning on China, Japan, Korea, and some advanced countries with problem on aging population. Now I am assigned in Hong Kong. I must traveled for 3 hours, back and forth from Quarry Bay to Lantau Island; during my 1st quarter, I always use public transportation. I see a lot of elderly walk by themselves, alone, and sorrow. And starts to ask government to extend retirement periods into 65 years; while kept blaming government about not react on that sensitive issues.

I don’t know what they thinking though, but I believed it’s grieve; to walk alone when u gets old. I always wake up in the morning, and do my marathon and half marathon or 10K when I visit new places on weekend, I see a lot of elderly along the way. Some productive elderly, they became cleaning service, security guard, and kiosk seller. In Indonesia; both second tier and third tier cities, such as Yogyakarta, Malang, Jambi, Manado, Pontianak, most of the elderly, are stay at home, isolated, and just spend the whole of the time being at home and seems isolated (especially woman); watching Sinetron or FTV, And they will be very happy when their child come and ask them for go out for diner or vacation.

In my imagination; when I gets old, its time for enjoy life in a “exciting” way, such as sit and read newspaper and drink a cup of specialty coffee and steamed banana on your garden, reading wall-street Journal; reading novels, listen to vinyl disk, growing flowers, and have funny chat with your friend and talk seriously about new ventures, and diner together with your grandchildren every weekend; and can have traveling without worry about office hours with your couple.

“I wanted to, and willing to have exciting and adventurous live when I get 80” I still can do marathon at least when I am 70; have an impact to those around me; and has something worth to tell to my next generation.

Recently I read some biographies, those who old but still active and rich. I read Mukhtar Riady, Liem Sie Liong, William Suryadjaja, Lee Kwan Yew those Old man, has did things in  opposite direction, live prosper and being more active even they getting old, and the business continues for their 3rd generation, and they seeing their generation succeed; ( and this leads me to learn more about Asia Richest lately ); and most of prominent figure; always told the story about their loyal, lovely, and smart couple; who support them to reach that level.It reminisce me about my parent too, which not see their child since they passed away when they still quite young, my mother passed away when she only 39, and my father 59.

  1. Stronger Feet; Longer miles.

Planned to be alive for next 53 years. The most intriguing part of my age was, when one of my boss and mentor, ask me about what I did have, after my 5 years working experience? I can’t answer his question vividly, since I really don’t have it; yet. I just have my brain, physic, and willingness to do something people not do, including cleaning the toilet. I come to Jakarta only with 800.000 idr 5 years ago, and a Golf bag, a gift from my uncle, containing 60.000 priced black shoes which I bought in Pasar Wonokromo at bargain; where the shoe heel pad; was wrecked, a couple of white shirt, and 4 underwear. And zero alumni friend; and use Matarmaja Train departed from Malang by 15:00, and arrived the next day by 9 AM; cost me about 51.000 IDR.

I felt grateful, I still survive, but his question, on how to be more prosper and stand on our feet. He told story about his story on house related investment and saving, and when he has first asset when he gets 25; he forced me to learn mandarin since it will be my ticket to live anywhere in the universe, he also give me opportunity to learn about strategic planning concept.

I also remember; Bosses Bos, stated about my lack of foundation on our one on one session, he said that I am such a beautiful Building, but have fragile foundation, and complex structure. It either to be strengthen or destroy the beautiful building. I did have another perspective on it. I do believe that his wisdom; is paramount on giving suggestion, and I take it as a feedback for me to strengthen my core. Human is not building, but human is an evolving atom, it can grow or disrupt itself into smaller atom, and reform into new atom; could be bigger, depend on what kind of atom that it crashed with. So the foundation, is not strong, but then I need to crash more atom to make my foundation stronger. And I hope I will have opportunity to crash my self more frequently, with more solid molecule, to make me stronger. and I interpret it; lately, as my ability to be my true self. Where I must communicate what I am thinking, without copy or use other people perspective; including way of thinking, communicate, and idealism.

I always respects all of my boss, which I always grateful too, experiencing 3 different direct boss for late 5 years, the first is teach me about empathy, the second teach me about perseverance, and the third taught me about interpersonal and teamwork. The other leader was taught me about being ready for more prosper.

Insights I learned is that, it’s an urgency for me to be a Man, with authenticity, confidence, and more forward looking.

I always be youngest guy compared to my peers, I was youngest in my school, university, and works. But not until this moment where I am being the oldest from my peers. I met very distinguished new friend during late 2015. I met Cambridge Nano Scientist and China Communist singer, AB, South East Asia focus social scientist and painter from NUS, CY, those guys are Younger, highly educated, and modest. Speaks many languages, quickly learn something new, assertive, and yes, social butterfly. I grateful, since it kept me alert; to move up my knowledge, skills, and interpersonal capabilities. And it’s blessing to have opportunity to learn something new from them. I never have this kind of excitement. I believed that getting old, not equal to have more experience. And I hope I can learn from those younger and smarter generations.

It was until 2 days ago, a video from TED X, from Tai Lopez. it was 3 AM and I can’t sleep, about concept of 33% of our friend must be lower than us, so we can felt better, 33% of our friend must be older than us, to accelerate our learning; these are our mentor, and 33% of our friend is on the same age with us, these are those people that we must keep motivate and encourage each other.

I felt grateful, I meet a lot of inspiring people which always show me the way; poke me; of last 5 years journey and don’t hesitate to provide feedback. Tai Lopez is kind a serendipity for me, since his equation is applicable. he also point out to learn more about people biography of famous people. I believed it’s a classic taught, but I still believe that worth applied. إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ

2.Partner for long Haul; higher purpose.

A partnership, is not a race, and its clearly not a relay race. Its about long haul. Its about sharing purpose and love. The love definition, probably I took a word from certain topic during in Coffewar from a lady that I forgot the name; which she said she’s a feminist; love is combination between chemistry and sex appeal. Where I think still make sense to be embraced. Purpose definition is both must support each other ambitions.

I did involved in some relationship during my life, and I think this year is very critical to for me to aim the right one, even right for me sometimes not right for the counterpart. But I think the faster I decide, the better. Lesson learned from my mentors, related to relationship has taught me “there’s always more beautiful flowers; then you regret that you lost the best”, and I said its true, the interesting part of this world is u met a lot of interesting thing, but in this kind of stuff, I do need to stop the curiosity. The Zodiac said that the problem of being sagittarius is it weakness on “adventurous” side.

I ever felt ups and down during a relationship, even terrible things happened a year ago, which taught me a lot about value of trust and not to do the same failure. I do believe that something best fit for me will come;  and will be able to have a long haul flight with me, as a Pilot and co pilot.

anyway, I still dreaming the same thing, about going to Chicago, Beijing, and Israel. Probably Israel is the most interesting one, Israel is special country since its located in the center; between Africa, Asia, and Europe; and has historical. But we need capital to do all things right? Who gonna be my co pilot?. Wish Allah always give me right direction.


A Vehicle to GO; Create A Private Car;

some of my friend is involved in private equity, venture capital, and other startup business and seems fed up with corporate ladder. I believe those companies will be growing rapidly for years to come. It reminds me a statement from December edition of HBR, an advertisement that stated “are your skills on par with your ambition?” i do realize, that i still unable to do those complex things. It makes triggered to improve skills I lack of, including creative accounting and corporate finance, where I also interested on merger acquisition and more things related to consulting, strategic planning, and investment.

I saw a shifting interest on book that I read, I used to read a lot on marketing, branding, self healing books while in college, but late two years, it tends to be related to economics, consulting, corporate restructuring, and Asia; and it makes me more hungry to learn about history, what happened in the generation before us.

And I hope I still on the track to be involved on those kind of related activities (Even deep inside of my mindset, I still not confidence on my ability to crunch numbers; like friend from china and India) I said activities since I believe that money is not my ultimate goal, personal development, networks, and specific skills enhancement opportunity is still being my reason to do more. I believe on what I am doing will helps me in the future.

During my Graduate school process in PMBS, I learned a lot in term of team dynamics. I always try to collaborate with different kind of personalities, skills, and academic background. I grateful since I frequently have opportunity to met people who have high ambition, determination, and life purpose. And these people always inspires me to have my own vehicle; without corporation boundaries. Means having my own business. I realized now, I don’t have any asset in balance sheet, but by the time; hopefully my intellectual capital will be a good will to add into my asset value; and collaborate with those who inspires me; while I only still in an infancy. I wanted to say thank you for friends who always encourage me to do something more, and kept put faith that I can don more, such as Bagus ,Reinaldy, Guruh, Ilma , Sarra, Nurul, Vincent, Rakhmat P, Nana, Ahong, Steven, Derby, Mr.JJU ,Mr.MPP, and Mr.HBW.

صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَعَلَيهِمْ غَير ا لمَغضُوبِعَلَيهِمْ وَلاَالضَّالِّينَ

I do know, I am living in a dream. But don’t you think; dream is the only gas that keep your torch, brighter. Since life is a journey, not a destination, I wish this conceptual way of thinking will guides me for the next 53 years to come. Never know the future.

Lantau Island, HKIA December 7th 2015. 17.25 PM.